Thursday, March 7, 2013


    HELLO TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL EXTREME COUPON FANATICS. Here is our latest Huge CVS Haul that we got for FREE.  FREE you may ask?  Well thanks to the many extreme coupon strategies that we have learned in our two years of extreme couponing we turned $3 out of pocket into $680 in savings while generating $105 in instant cash and $10 in Extra Care Bucks..... THIS IS HOW

 We had :
60 Dr Scholls Double Air Pillos @ $4.79
4  Dr Scholls Odor x Insoles     @ $7.29
5  Dr Scholls Arch Support       @ $7.29       Used 69 $5 off Dr Scholls insoles xp 3/9/13
8 Carmex Cherry                      @ $1.67       Used 8 $1 off Carmex product tear pad xp 5/31/13
6 Edge Sensitive shaving cream @ $2.19       Used B1G1 free Edge up to $3 off printable
1 Sprite 12 pack                       @ $5.79
1 4gb MP3 Player                     @ $34.99
1 Am/Fm Radio w CD Prtbl.     @ $35.79     Used 16 $4 of $20 coupons as 1st coupons
1 Digital Voice Recorder           @ $47.99     Used  20% off coupon for $90.65 off entire order 2nd cpn

$516.65 savings

Paid $1.84 Got Back $5 ECB and returned 3 electronics for $131 Money card. The reason why we returned the electronics on our next shopping trip is because the store didnt have any money cards when we did our transaction to purchase with our overage, so they instructed us to bring the items back when they had more money cards.  Usually we buy a gift card in our transaction to take advantage of some of the overage. We turned the gift card into $105 CASH with our recently posted git card strategy in the video posted below.

Transaction #2

10 Dr Scholls Double Air Pillo @ $4.79   Used 20% off order  @ $12.78
2  Dr Scholls Ball of Foot        @ $7.99   Used 12 $5 off Dr Scholls insoles xp 3/9/13

Paid $1.19 Saved $62.78

Transaction #3
 LOST THE RECEIPT GRRR  But you can see it in the breakdown video with our huge haul Below


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