This week's CHECKOUT 51 offers




Checkout 51 is the easiest way to save money on the brands you love! They currently save over a million Americans and Canadians money every day



  1. Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday
  2. Buy the products from any store
  3. Take a photo of your receipt to redeem your deal
  4. Get cash back!

$1.00 Cash Back
Buy 2: Kellogg's® Smart Start®
Any variety. Excludes single serve packs. Items must appear on the same receipt.
$0.25 Cash Back
Any variety.
$1.00 Cash Back
Bear Naked® Granola
12 oz or larger, any variety.
$2.50 Cash Back
Select Lavazza Drip Coffees
Valid only on Gran Aroma, Classico, Gran Selezione, Perfetto blends
$1.25 Cash Back
Trans-Ocean Smoked Salmon
Any variety.
$1.00 Cash Back
Trans-Ocean Crab Classic
Any variety.
$0.75 Cash Back
Windex® Multi-Surface
Any variety.
$1.00 Cash Back
Windex® Touch-Up Cleaner
Any variety.
$1.00 Cash Back
PLEDGE® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner
Any variety.
$0.75 Cash Back
Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner
Any aerosol.
$1.50 Cash Back
Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush® Starter Kit
Any variety.
$2.00 Cash Back
Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™ Starter Kit
Any Glade® Customizables™ Starter Kit.
$1.00 Cash Back
all® laundry detergent
20 load or larger, any variety. Excludes trial sizes.
$1.00 Cash Back
Honey Maid Grahamfuls
8 count or higher, any variety.
$0.00 Cash Back
Any grocery trip over $60 for a chance to win $500†
Submit a grocery receipt over $60 and you could win $500!

Checkout 51 Details

There is a new, free coupon source available called Checkout 51 that can be used in conjunction with paper coupons and other digital coupon programs!  You can use it with your smartphone or computer.
Here's how it works:
* Sign up on the Checkout 51 website for free using your e-mail or Facebook info.
* Browse the available offers (and print out a list if you don't think you will remember them).
* Head to ANY store and buy the offers you want (like $1 cash back on ANY gallon of milk or .50 cash back on blueberries or ..75 cash back on peoples magazine.).
* Take a photo of your receipt and upload it to Checkout 51.
* Once they confirm your purchase, they will credit your account. I received our credit for the 3 receipts we submitted within 12 hours!
* Once you collect $20 in your Checkout 51 account, you can cash it out in the form of a check mailed to your desired address.

Additional information:
* Checkout 51 is not store specific. You can buy the items at any store, which is a huge bonus.
* New deals come out each Thursday and are available until the next Wednesday. You have to buy the participating product and submit the receipt during that week to get credit. Not everyone gets the same offers so make sure you log into your account to see what offers you received.
* There are a limited number of redemptions per item so make sure you submit the receipt as soon as possible so you can get the offer.
* You will be allowed to get cash back once for each offer.
* You CAN use Checkout 51 offers with paper coupons and other digital coupon sites like SavingStar,com & ibotta  !

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