COUPON INSERT PREVIEWS ARE JUST THAT, COUPONS CAN VARY BY REGION, STATE OR CITY!  This just gives you a general heads up of what should be hitting your papers or mail boxes, # of coupons & coupon values can vary.



Another glorious week of sunday coupon inserts hitting the street.  We know that everyone wants to get an early sneak peak at the coupon inserts that will be making freebies, moneymakers and extreme couponing a possibility thru coupons. So get ready for BULK COUPON INSERTS, Hot Deals & Extreme Savings. Here is the newest Sunday Coupon Insert Preview :

Smart Source 7-26-15 ( 2 INSERTS )


    AcneFree product excluding 24 hour acne clearing system, advanced deep cleansing duo and trial Save $2/1 (10/31)
    AcneFree 24 hour acne clearing system or advanced deep cleansing duo Save $4/1 (10/31)
    Aleve 40ct+ excludes d 98/31) Save $2/1
    Alka-Seltzer product Save $1/1 (8/31)
    Bayer Pro ultra omega-3 product Save $5/1 (8/15)
    Citracal product Save $2/1 (8/31)
    Claritin children’s 4oz or 20ct+ Save $2/1 (8/31)
    Claritin 30ct+ Save $3/1 (8/31)
    Clear Care solution 12oz+ Save $3/1 (9/6)
    Colgate adult or kids manual toothbrush Save $0.50/1 (8/15)
    Colgate kids mouthwash 250ml+ Save $0.50/1 (8/22)
    Colgate kids toothbrush Save $0.50/1 (8/15)
    Colgate kids toothpaste 4.6oz+ Save $0.50/1 (8/8)
    Colgate toothpaste 3oz+ Save $0.50/1 (8/8)
    Colgate 360 twin pack or multi-pack manual toothbrushes excluding free product packs Save $2/1 (8/15)
    Colgate mouthwash or mouth rinse 480ml+ Save $2/1 (8/22)
    Colgate toothpaste twin pack 4oz+ Save $2/1 (8/8)
    Colgate optic white toothbrush+whitening pen or sensitive toothbrush+sensitivity relief pen Save $3/1 (8/15)
    Coppertone suncare product 2oz+ Save $1/1 (8/31)
    Dr. Scholl’s pain relief orthotics, massaging gel insoles, odor-x ultracool insoles, active series replacement insoles or dreamwalk insoles $7.95+ Save $3/1 (8/31)
    DropDrop hydration powder Save $2/1 (9/6)
    Expo dry erase marker product 4ct+ Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Flintstones multivitamin or supplement product Save $2/1 (8/31)
    Hydroxycut pro clinical, caffeine free, instant drink mix, gummies, max! or appetite control Save $10/2 (9/30)
    Hydroxycut pro clinical, caffeine free, instant drink mix, gummies, max! or appetite control Save $5/1 (9/30)
    Irish Spring body wash excludes 2.5oz Save $0.50/1 (8/15)
    Irish Spring signature for men body wash/bar soap or gear body wash/bar soap excludes 2.5oz body wash Save $2/1 (8/15)
    Kibbles ‘n Bits dry dog food 3lbs+ Save $2/2 (9/20)
    Kotex U product excludes 14-22ct and trial Save $0.50/1 (9/5)
    Kotex U products excludes liners 14-22ct and trial Save $1/2 (9/5)
    K-Y product Save $2/1 (9/6)
    K-Y love Save $4/1 (9/6)
    Lotrimin/Tinactin antifungal product (8/31_ Save $2/1
    Miralax product 10ct, 14 dose+ Save $2/1 (8/31)
    Mr. Sketch scented markers 2ct+ Save $1/1 (9/20)
    One A Day product Save $2/1 (8/31)
    Opti-Free solution 10oz+ Save $3/1 (9/6)
    Opti-Free/Clear Care solution 10oz+ Save $5/1 (8/2)
    Palmolive liquid dish soap 12.oz+ Save $0.50/1 (8/15)
    Palmolive gel dishwasher detergent 45oz+ Save $1/1 (8/15)
    Paper Mate mechanical pencils Save $0.55/1 (9/20)
    Paper Mate pens pack excludes 2 in 1 stylus pen Save $0.55/1 (9/20)
    Paper Mate inkjoy 2 in 1 stylus pen 2ct+ Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Phillips’ product excludes milk of magnesia 4oz & 8oz, stool softener 30ct and caplets 24ct Save $2/1 (8/31)
    Post product Save $0.55/1 (9/5)
    Purell 8oz advanced hand sanitizer bottle or any 35ct+ hand sanitizing wipes Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Purell products Save $1/3 (9/20)
    Rubbermaid lunchblox sandwich, salad, entree or kids lunch kit Save $1.50/1 (9/26)
    Rubbermaid beverage bottle Save $1/1 (9/26)
    Schwarzkopf essence ultime hair care product Save $2/1 (8/23)
    Schwarzkopf styliste ultime hair styling product Save $2/1 (8/23)
    Schwarzkopf hair care or styling product Save $5/2 (8/23)
    Scotch-Brite product Save $0.50/1 (8/31)
    Scrubbing Bubbles all purpose cleaner with fantastik Save $0.50/1 (9/5)
    Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaning product Save $0.50/1 (9/5)
    Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel Save $1/1 (9/5)
    Sharpie permanent marker product 3ct+ Save $0.75/1 (9/20)
    Sharpie clear view 2ct+ Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Shout product Save $0.50/1 ETS (9/5)
    Softsoap liquid hand soap premium pump 8oz+ or refill 28oz+ Save $0.50/1 (8/15)
    Softsoap body wash 12oz+ Save $0.75/1 (8/15)
    Speed StickB1G1 free anti/deo or body spray up to $4.29 excludes .5 and 1.8oz (8/15)
    StarKist tuna pouch products Save $1/3 (9/6)
    Systane lubricant eye drops formula Save $3/1 (9/6)
    Systane lubricant eye drops formula Save $5/1 (8/2)
    Tyson any’tizers snacks Save $1.50/1 (9/21)
    Uni-Ball pen pack 2ct+ excluding 307 & air Save $0.55/1 (9/20)
    Uni-Ball 307 or air pack 2ct+ Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Wet n Wild nail item Save $0.25/1 (8/8)
    Wet n Wild item Save $0.50/1 (8/8)
    Wet n Wild max volume plus mascara Save $1/1 (8/8)
    Windex product Save $0.50/1 (9/5)
    Zaditor/Naphcon-A eye allergy drops 5ml+ Save $3/1 (9/6)
    Zaditor/Naphcon-A eye allergy drops 5ml+ Save $5/1 (8/2)


   Apple & Eve organic quenchers or fruitables 8pks Save $1.50/2 (10/26)
    Benadryl adult or children’s product Save $1/1 ETS (8/13)
    Brookside chocolate bags or boxes 4.2oz+ Save $1/2 (9/20)
    Brut classic fragrance or anti/deo excludes revolution 2.25oz Save $1/1 (8/9)
    Cake Mate coffee house icing Save $0.50/1 (8/31)
    Cake Mate dessert spread Save $0.50/1 (8/31)
    Cake Mate molten filling Save $0.50/1 (8/31)
    Carefree liners excludes 20 and 22t Save $1.50/2 (8/22)
    Clean & Clear product Save $1/1 ETS (9/20)
    Edge/Skintimate/Schick Hydro shave gels excludes 2.75oz Save $2/2 (9/6)
    Energizer batteries or flashlight Save $0.50/1 (8/22)
    Energizer ecoadvanced, ultimate lithium, advanced lithium, recharge power plus or recharge universal aa/aaa 4pk+ Save $1.50/1 (8/22)
    Energizer ez turn & lock hearing aid batteries Save $1.50/1 (8/22)
    Farmer John dinner sausage Save $1/1 (9/26)
    Farmer John hot dogs Save $1/2 (9/26)
    Lance carton 8.4oz+ Save $0.55/1 DND (9/13)
    Land O’Frost premium, bistro favorites or canadian bacon Save $0.75/1 (9/30)
    Land O’Frost sub sandwich kit Save $1/1 (9/30)
    Listerine floss or flosser product Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Listerine regular, ultraclean, zero, total care, fluoride defense or naturals 1L+ Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Listerine smart rinse fluoride rinse 500ml Save $1/1 (9/20)
    Motrin children’s or infants’ product Save $1/1 ETS (8/13)
    Motrin/Bengay motrin ib or pm or bengay product Save $1/1 ETS (8/13)
    Motrin/Bengay motrin ib or pm or bengay product Save $3/2 ETS (8/13)
    Nature Made products Save $2/2 (8/26)
    Nature Made probiotic products Save $4/1 (8/26)
    Neosporin/Band-Aid/Benadryl neosporin, neosporin eczema essentials, band-aid adhesive bandages, band-aid first aid products or benadryl topical excludes trial, first aid kits, band-aid 10ct and first aid to go kits must buy 2 products Save $2/3 (9/20)
    Neutrogena products excludes sun products, men’s shave gel/cream, men’s after shave, 7ct makeup remove wipes, all cleansing facial bars and bar soaps and trial Save $2/2 (9/20)
    Playtex gentle glide tampons Save $1/1 (8/22)
    Playtex sport tampons Save $1/1 (8/22)
    Revlon luxurious colorsilk buttercream Save $2/1 (8/29)
    Schick women’s razor or refill excludes disposables Save $2/1 (9/6)
    Schick disposable razor pack excludes 2ct and 10+2ct Save $4/1 (9/6)
    Schick men’s razor or refill excludes disposables Save $4/1 (9/6)
    Stayfree pads excludes 10ct Save $3/2 (8/22)
    Sure 2.6, 2.7 or 6oz product Save $1/1 (8/9)
    Tena product Save $1/1 (8/26)
    Tylenol extra strength, regular strength, pm, cold , sinus, children’s or infants’ Save $1/1 ETS (8/13)
    Tylenol products Save $2.50/2 ETS (8/13)
    Visine product 1/2floz+ Save $1.50/1 (8/13)
    Wet Ones product excludes 15 and 20ct travel packs Save $0.50/1 (9/20)
    Wet Ones product excludes 15 and 20ct travel packs Save $1.50/2 (9/20)

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