This video helps you learn how to remove words from keyboard on android phone platforms.  There is an old way and new way & I perform both in this video. We show you how to delete saved words on galaxy and how to remove learned words on samsung smart phones. This tip will also demonstrate how to delete saved words on lg.  Saved words on smartphone with galaxy s8 auto correct predictive text can be quite frustrating or embarrassing.  So we will show how to delete saved words on samsung galaxy s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 & s9 they all function the same with these 2 methods.  Many people have asked about the galaxy s8 turn off predictive text function and we have come up with a great solution. This excellent strategy will quickly eliminate samsung galaxy s5 predictive text. 

So you will never again have to ask yourself or google how to delete autocorrect history and get a complete removal of predictive text dictionary on Samsung Galaxy S5.  The s8 plus predictive text generator works the same way as other versions you can rest assured that your galaxy s8 plus predictive text will be cleared and deleted with a 2 step removal process that will take less than 5 seconds. So watch this video and finally find out how to clear autocorrect history and clear All Predictive Text Dictionary at Once on Samung Galaxy S5 - S9 model smart phones.  This is a great way how to delete saved words and how to remove saved words in android keyboard.  So lets get you started on the road to learning 

How to Delete Saved Words on Your Samsung Phone!

How to Delete Saved Words on Your Samsung Phone! This is how to delete words from predictive text on Android or how to clear personalized predictive text in 5 seconds flat. 

Hello today, I'm going to show you how to get rid of unwanted text in your search bars in your text, message bars or in your note bars. So basically, what we are going to do is so like right here when you have the search bar here and say it pulls up crazy words like pumpernickle, you know or any other thing, that your search and you don't want coming up in your search bar, whether It'S here whether it's in a text message - and it's got the auto correct. Also when you are searching on your browsers on the internet, whether it's Chrome or your Samsung browser we're going to show you how to get rid of these autocorrect terms that you don't want.

So basically, what you're going to do is you're going to come up to the top you're going to hit the little tool icon in the top right hand, corner you're, going to go to scroll down you're, going to hit general management you're going to hit language and Input you're going to go to on-screen keyboard, then you're going to select the Samsung keyboard you're, going to reset to default settings you're going to clear personalized data and it says: are you sure you want to clear personalized data, you're gon na, say clear, and that is Going to clear all data in the window and reset the entire search parameters for your text, messages for your notes, as well as your search queries on the Chrome browser and the Samsung browser, and all that and crazily.

You have to do that, even if you are using incognito you have to. There is a new update if you have a new phone or a new Android operating system. This is the final screen. So all the steps are the same, but it has a new final screen and then it now it says, erase personalized predictions. So you go ahead and hit erase personalized predictions right there. You are all done. That is the new update for the new Android system. If you found this video helpful or if you want to help support our channel, so we can make quality content. Please support us on patreon we'll have a link below thanks for watching.



 Learn How to Remove Suggested Words on Keyboard iPhone 2020

And this video we will learn how to remove suggested words on keyboard on iphone. So let's begin so, for this purpose simply go and open your iPhone settings. So here we go once iPhone. Settings are open scroll down below, and here you can see general tab on general in general. You need to scroll down a bit until you see keyboard tap on keyboard, so there are two things that you can do.

One is to store even stop the predicting the next word or even stop predicting the word that you are typing for that. You need to go here into the keyboards, and here you can see predictive so simply go and turn it off, and the iPhone will not predict your word completion as well as the next code. So if we turn off this predictive, the other case there is that you want to delete the memory of your iPhone keyboard.

That's addressed to you new words, so for that you need to go down into the general scroll down below tap on reset and here tap on reset keyboard dictionary and enter your passcode and your the keyboard dictionary will be reset and even the iPhone won't know. What'S the next word coming up because you have deleted its memory for projecting the next word so hope it has helped you in removing the suggested words on iPhone. But before you go, please like subscribe.