The Ketogenic diet has been a blessing in our lives. We have been on the Keto Diet which is low carb high fat meals for about two months. After working our keto meal plan daily we have seen remarkable results. On the ketogenic diet meal plan i have lost 48 lbs and my wife has shed 25 lbs.


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This video covers keto diet for beginners with tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. With the Ketogenic Diet Explained with all the food items that we have used and what helps combat the cravings the best. Many have asked us what is the keto diet so we break down the goals and requirements to be successful. We give you a detailed list of what to eat on keto every step of the way. There is no better step by step tutorial on keto for beginners and how to start keto when discussing what is a ketogenic diet. We hope you enjoy our Ketogenic Diet Tips.

We provide all of the Keto Diet Tips that we wish we knew before we started. Now you know how to do keto so get on and complete your Ketosis Diet. We list all the ketogenic diet foods with our comprehensive ketogenic diet food list that we have compiled over the last 2 months. Thank you for sharing our Keto Diet Success with us. We gladly share our Ketogenic Diet Success with you and show you how to begin or how to start ketogenic diet regimen to also be successful. 

We're going to do a comprehensive Keto walkthrough today we're going to talk about how to prevent nutrient deficiencies, which is a big thing with keto. We're going to tell you how to stay regular. We're going to tell you about key products that we've tried. How we like them or how we don't. We're going to also tell you how to conquer the cravings, because a big part of yet since you're getting rid of the bread and the pastas and the sweets you have tons of cravings. So we're going to show you how to conquer those cravings. We're going to talk about upcoming recipes and at the end of the video we will have a link down below that you can download a list of all these things that we talked about today.

So far on our keto journey I have gone from a size 44 to a size 38, I've gone from 305 pounds down to 259 pounds. Over here you can see this is where my belt started and I've gone all the way up here so I've gone down. You know four or five sizes on my belt as well. So first thing we want to talk about is preventing nutrient deficiencies because mostly what you're focusing on is meats and fats and cheeses eggs stuff like that. So over time if you're doing this for a while your body will start to have nutrient deficiencies because you are not eating a well-balanced diet. So some ways that you can get around that is you can have limited amounts of blackberries, very limited amounts of tomatoes, limited amounts of blueberries. You can have limited amounts of zucchini and cucumbers as well as green beans, cabbage, avocados. So avocados are going to fulfill a lot of your fat quantity but it also has some good nutrients for you as well you can also do some limited amounts of mushrooms and so that will help give you the ability to get a lot of those base nutrients. All of these are pretty low carbs. Another thing that you can do is you can use citric acid so you can get vitamin C in your diet as well and that will give you the ability to have some more of those nutrients that are going to help keep you healthy and not have those deficiencies as much.

A lot of people on keto they talk about Himalayan pink salt you really want to focus on light salt and the reason that is, is because when you're on Keto you actually have a lot of electrolyte deficiencies. As well so to be able to replenish those electrolytes deficiencies you can do light salt which will give you the calcium the potassium the magnesium and the sodium. so you can use this in your cooking and you can use it in water. A lot of people are buying fancy waters for like two three four or five dollars for a bottle of water and what it has is this in it so you can get one of those big bottles of water and you can put like an eighth or a sixteenth of a teaspoon in that big bottle of water and you will have the electrolytes that you need.

With your Keto Diet goal you want to do 75% fat you want to do 20% protein and you want to have a maximum of 20 carbs per day. If you want something with a little bit better flavor you can go with the propel I'm sorry the Powerade zero. The Powerade zero has all of those electrolytes in it as well plus it has b6 b12 and niacin and for one whole bottle it's less than one car and you can replenish your electrolytes get a couple of vitamins in there so that's good option alright so one thing that you also have a problem with is staying regular or being able to use the restroom for number two you know me I've never had an issue with this but being on the keto and you're eating the fats and the cheeses and the eggs and the meats and all that kind of stuff it really clogs you up superfast and if you don't stay regular it is going to actually have you ballooning weight because you're not going to be you know excreting any of that stuff that you're putting in your body so I have two secrets to make sure that you stay regular so number one is sanity scent of T is a natural plant it has scent of leaves and set of pods it is a natural laxative and basically every night now I take a cup of this and I make tea and if you want if you don't like the taste of team you can always use like a sugar-free sweetener but I take a cup of this every night before I go to bed so that when I wake up in the morning you know you can stay regular also you can take psyllium fiber and psyllium fiber has what is it five carbs but it also has five fiber so it's zero net carbs and with this year you can add it in cooking or you can add a teaspoon of this in some water like eight ounces of water and drink that and this will help you stay regular as well now they have another one that is a tasteless they say clump list but it does it does clump a little two teaspoons of this and it has four carbs and three fiber so it's one net car per the serving and this also will help you stay regular and that's super important because if you're not cleaning out your system you're not going to lose weight and you're gonna have discomfort stomach pain all that kind of stuff you're gonna feel sluggish

okay so keto products we've tried a lot of he go products on the market my wife is really invested into a lot for herself and so I'm going to tell you what they have they have some keto bars that has like nut butters and chocolate and stuff like that in there they're okay they don't taste wonderful they're really expensive and you can actually make an alternative to these or you can just incorporate other things into your diet so they're okay but they're quite expensive also MCT powder they have a lot of different MCT powders out there this is basically the derivatives of coconut and this here helps you put it in cooking or coffee or recipes and gives you the ability to increase your fat because you're trying to do 75% fat per day my wife really likes them they have them in different flavors she's got coconut cream they've got vanilla they've got all different kinds of flavors or they have flavorless as well so that's something to think about they also have MCT oil with the CAS and you can take this like through a spoon or you can add it into your soup so you're cooking so it's a good way to get fats in there quite easily without having to think about it but also they're quite expensive you know a big thing that you need to get when you get on keto you need to get coconut oil and you need to get butter coconut oil and butter will be able to fulfill a large amount of the fats that you need so that you can stay at that 75% and stay in ketosis very very important you can use this to cook with you can use this to make fat bombs or you can just take a tablespoon melt in your mouth and swallow so definitely something to think about also the only one only keto product that I found that I really like is the keto meal this is a vanilla one and it's by keto logic and this way I like to enjoy it with two scoops of this is what it calls for some crushed ice and then I put like five or six tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and then I put either a half or a whole avocado a little bit of water if need be it's a extremely delicious shake put some meat on the bones it can get you through a whole meal so if you can use it as a meal supplement and it tastes delicious I usually hate powders I usually hate all the kind of products and stuff like that and this one here is definitely one it has a good flavor not a really bad aftertaste and you can drink it and it really hits the spot so I really like that product

so now the next thing that I want to talk about is conquering cravings so one of the biggest reasons why people fall out of keto is because they crave everything and so I want to tell you about some of the things that we found to be able to conquer cravings that are either gonna be low carbs or no carbs and give you the ability to to have a taste of the old life so that you don't fall out and you don't balloon back up with weight so one big thing a lot of people do coffee caffeine stuff like that energy drinks bang is one of the biggest energy drinks out there for keto now you also have to look at the back for the macros and the nutritional information because about 90% of their drinks are zero everything but there are a few out there that they actually call like keto coffee that's got a bunch of carbs in it so you got to beware because remember if you're gonna stay on strict keto you'll want to stay below 20 grams of carbs per day to be able to just shut up the weight super fast so there's about 15 different flavors of Bang that have zero carbs zero sugars and it has a little bit of passing a little bit of sodium and it's got b12 b6 magnesium so it's got some of the electrolytes in there that you need bang super awesome now they also have another energy drink out there that's called 'rain reIGn I believe but it's not as good on the macros and has more carbs it has a little bit of sugar in some of them so you definitely got to keep you've always got to look at labels

Next we found this one here it's called bio nature 100% organic tomato paste and when we make the keto pizza we like to use this one here because it has four carbs and one gram of fiber so it's three net carbs for two tablespoons so if you're having a slice of pizza you're not even going to have a tablespoon of this on there as your sauce so it's really low in carbs gives you the ability to have a really good tasting pizza and so we really like that by bio nature we also found a bunch of different sugar-free and low-carb sauces so we got ketchup barbecue sauce those are the two main staples in our house they also have like sweet and sour sauce they also have I think they have like steak sauce they've got served for pancakes stuff like that so definitely check out that like I said we'll have a list on our website that has a list with a link to every single one of these things so if you want to get them you can find them alright so another thing is sweets so my wife really liked her coffee with creamers and stuff like that so we were able to find these like sugar-free syrups like vanilla s'mores and so she was putting this in her coffee for a while she really liked it I gave her that kind of taste of like going to Starbucks so that was a really nice feature also I picked up some raspberry they got a couple of different fruit sugar-free syrups and I actually use this to make keto gummy bears and keto vitamin C gummy bears so sugar free flavoring really really good also if you're making the keto gummy bears or if you want something sweet get the sugar free jello they have tons and tons of flavors with this now sugar-free pudding has lots of carbs sugar free jello no carbs so really really nice also

if you are in the taste for something sweet and you know your not being able to have that you can get like any of these zero sodas like Coke Zero sprite zero stuff like that I we even found the diets of what is this and W diet am W root beer and diet a and W cream soda has zero carbs zero sugars so I don't even like soda but to be able to have something that's not gonna have calories not going to have carbs not going to have sugar and it gives you something sweet it definitely helps fight off those cravings also you know I do a lot of outdoor work my wife goes to the gym works out stuff like that so being able to have a Powerade zero is really nice and has a lot of the electrolytes in in there that you need it has less than one car per container and you know it's just good all the way around has b6 b12 in it they also have a Gatorade zero but the macro sonic aren't as good I have looked at all the labels Powerade zeros got the best macros okay also a lot of people love pasta and you know pasta has tons of carbs so we found pasta zero we actually did a review on it it'll be right up here we'll have a review link for you if you want to check it out but pasta zero is a great option it gives you the you know the texture almost of having spaghetti they have spaghetti they also have fettuccine and they have angel hair as well and I actually had a plate of this with some keto spaghetti sauce today and so I had spaghetti my wife doesn't really love the texture because it's a little bit more gummy but for not being able to have any kind of pasta this definitely fits the bill

also a lot of people are sad because they're giving up chips and they can't have chips one great thing is you can have pork skins or also a lot of people on keto they talk about Himalayan pink salt you really want to focus on light salt and the reason that is is because when you're on keto you actually have a lot of electrolyte deficiencies as well so to be able to replenish those electrolytes efficiencies you can do light salt which will give you the calcium the potassium the magnesium and the sodium so you can use this in your cooking and you can use it in water so a lot of people are buying fancy waters for like two three four or five dollars for a bottle of water and what it has is this in it so you can get one of those big bottles of water and you can put like an eighth through a sixteenth of a teaspoon in that big bottle of water and you will have the electrolytes that you need now there are two different kinds and the macros are completely different so the regular teacher Rose you buying a pork rinds that you're gonna find in your stores are just the pork skin themselves and with those they have a low amount of fat four and a half grams of fat but eight grams of protein now remember you want to have 20% protein 75% fat so you got to be a little bit careful with these because you're going to have more protein than fat but if you need to get in and get some chips some salty stuff a really good option now they have a different kind of pork rinds this is the pig skin and fat included so the macros on this are a lot better it's got seven grams of fat and then it has seven grams of protein so it's 50/50 where this one here is like 70% protein and you know the rest of its fat so these are good options and they give you the option to have soda enough soda but have chips have something crunchy to chew on and be able to fulfill that crazy because remember we want to conquer the cravings while on keto so you don't fall off and you're able to shed the weight

The next thing is is sweetener so if you're doing baking if you're doing drinks and teas and and all that kind of stuff sweetener comes into it so we tried almost every sweetener that they have out there we tried the monk fruit which we actually like the best this one we feel has the closest taste of sugar with the minimal aftertaste the next one with the next minimal aftertaste is the swerve confectioner's okay and you'll notice that the regular swear we have over here on the end actually has the worst aftertaste which is kind of crazy because they have the same ingredients inside then we found the natural birch the xylitol sweetener this one is pretty good as well this is granulated and then we have the efforts all the effort all does have a little bit of an aftertaste but it's relatively inexpensive and this one here actually has the lowest lice emic so it doesn't really affect your blood sugar none of them really do but this one here is the lowest and it's it's the least expensive so really nice so these will help you be able to make a lot of the keto recipes like keto donuts and keto cakes and keto brownies and all that kind of stuff or even keto sweet tea you can definitely attack it right there

so we have some recipes that are going to be coming up that we're going to be doing that we've perfected that we love and so keep an eye out on the channel for that but we're going to be doing so you saw green beans we're going to be doing a sour pickled green bean because those are great for keto and vinegar helps reduce your hunger we're also going to be doing a modified fat head pizza recipe we actually looked at all the recipes we could find on the internet and we combined the best things that we liked and we also throw fiber in there to be able to keep you regular and it still has a great consistency people are craving breads and pizzas and stuff like that and we're gonna be having a special pizza recipe that we put together we pulled the fat head plus from five different other recipes and put stuff together that made in a delicious pliable really good pizza crust and it real one of our family's favorite foods is pizza it really hits that craving for us you know so what you're gonna want to be getting is bulk almond flour because this is gonna be almost all the keto recipes that you find whether it's a treat or a dessert or a pizza or a bread or a doughnut or a bagel it's gonna have almond flour in it next is coconut flour now you need to be a little bit wary of the coconut flour the macros are not as good it does have a couple of carbs does have a couple of sugars and it's look so you're gonna want to use this the supplement when you're using the almond flour just a little bit here a little bit there you definitely don't want to use a lot of coconut flour because it will depth vector macros for the day and could keep the IVA ketosis so another thing that is really good is the chia seeds chia seeds are really nice the macros on Omar wonderful total fat four grams to grams of protein and it's got five parts but five fiber so it's zero net carbs on there and this is gonna be really good because it's gonna give you a lot of micronutrients it's going to give you fiber it's gonna give you a little bit of fat and protein and you can add this whether you're doing baked goods like bagels whether you're doing breads stuff like that chia seeds are really good it's an ancient seed and it's always good to go so hopefully this information was helpful like I said on our journey I've lost 46 pounds in two months so far my wife has lost 25 and we're both pretty close to eating our goal and we want to share a lot of information with you that we wish we knew before we started this keto journey so hopefully you can grab it by the horns and you can conquer your goals conquer your cravings and achieve whatever you want to do with the keto diet thank you for watching once again we'll have a link below it has all this stuff and where you can find it so you can have a quick start guide to being able to do your keto now one last thing that I want to tell you a little secret we actually use the MyFitnessPal app and that allows you to track your macros for the day and it allows you to input different recipes in there and then almost any food that you can imagine in or a.m.

Almost anyplace you go eat someone's already entered the recipe or the food in there so it quickly and easily tracks your your macros and for the first month me and my wife put in every single thing we ate every single day until we learn about what we could have and it tells you how many calories you're supposed to have for your body weight your height and it also tells you you know whether you're active or your semi active your couch potato it tells you how many calories you can have per day and then it tracks how you're doing so definitely check out my Fitness Pal I believe it's got like a little Under Armour logo on it really helpful we use the free version we never paid for anything and you know we're doing pretty good so hopefully you can join us on our journey let us know if you're doing keto how much you've lost how long you been on it and you know let us know down below what's your favorite recipe so far and keep an eye out for all the recipes we're going to be making that we concocted ourselves that we love and enjoy while conquering the cravings thanks for watching we'll talk to you later you

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