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In this video, I'm unboxing and reviewing the PALADOU Lavalier Lapel Microphone Condenser Cell Phone 3.5 mm Mic

The microphone comes inside a semi-rigid clam-shell carrying case and includes a brief instruction manual. Inside the case you’ll find the lavalier mic, a 7 ft extension cord with cord tie, a 6" TRRS (female) to TRS (male) adapter, and 2 foam wind screens. The microphone itself has a 5 ft cord length with a rubber cord tie. The windscreens for the microphone are medium size and about the size of thimble. Below the mic is a metal alligator clip for attaching the mic to clothes.

The mic has a standard TRRS headphone jack plug and should be plug-and-play with most mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. If you want to use the mic with your PC, laptop, or camera, you'll likely need to us the adapter which has one less ring on it. Great lapel microphone unboxing, showing the Paladou lav mic.

Overall, the sound using the mircophone was pretty good and can be an improvement over using the mic on your phone, especially when in a noisy environment if you need to pickup your voice and dampen ambient sounds. It could be a good option for mobile vlogs and perhaps interviews. 

🎤 Lavalier microphone - special metal shielded cable, upgraded noise reduction technology, continuous frequency, low interference, stable signal and fast transmission speed. With a lightweight and durable lapel clip, it is comfortable to wear and hardly notices the weight of the metal clip
🎤 WIDE COMPATIBILITY: standard 3.5mm audio plug and PC adapter, compatible with PC, laptop and VCR, and Apple and Android devices. Comes with a 79"Inch extension cable, easy to operate, plug and play, no battery, no need to install drivers, more environmentally friendly and simple
🎤 Easy To Carry with Storage bag - When you need a presentation or conference, this portable lavalier microphone will help you easily record video indoors and outdoors, a broadcast omnidirectional standard microphone designed for mobile applications, for meetings, parties or Ideal for event speakers
🎤 Lavalier Microphone for Multi-scene - for Youtube recording, interviews, video recordings, live broadcasts, webinars, podcasts, dictation, etc. The unique design structure has a noise reduction function that clips the microphone 6-7 inches from the mouth. 

Now let this portable PALADOU lapel microphone solve your troubles!
It with a unique metal shield cable that improves noise reduction, clear, standard voice reproduction and improved user recording experience.
​It is designed for recording audio and video on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook, Android / Windows smartphones and PCs etc.
Paladou lapel microphone comes with a 78” extension cord and deluxe protector case for your convenience.
Then easily plug and clip for pristine recordings wherever you go!
Hi thanks for joining me today you want to buy this product or take advantage of any of the freebies or discounts that I found for you click one of the links in the description thanks for your support now let's get started we're about to dive into a new microphone that we just got today it is a pallid ooh 3.5 millimeter jack lavel ear microphone and it says that it's great for vlogging YouTube videos GoPro Adventures filmmaking interviews gaming webinars podcasts Skype and so much more. it says that it works on laptops iPads iPhones Androids cameras and of course video alright so first thing that I see that I actually really like is it comes in a carrying case we've actually gotten some other lavalier microphones in the past that just come with as a big jumble of wires so that's pretty cool feels like a neoprene plastic case looks like it has a semi water resistant zipper on there so let's open it up to see all right so it's got our microphone here with our 3.5 millimeter plug it's got the microphone it's got a completely metal clip the whole thing is metal looks like it is riveted three times into the microphone there alright it's got a metal mesh on the top and then in here we've got a couple of the windscreen covers and it's like we've got an extension connector there so we've got the original cord with the microphone it also comes with an extra long cable for the microphone for some of those videos that you are doing that are kind of far away and what I love is that it they both come with straps that are like a rubber strap and if you see here it pops out like that so it's pretty easy to put back on just like this it stretches with the rubber reconnects and you're ready for your close-up or your faraway shoots and one thing that I like is actually connected to the wire so you don't ever lose your strap so it's always easy to put on a lot of times when you take off your strap you'll misplace it you can't find it this one here is actually connected to the wire so that's pretty cool first chords about four feet second cord is about six feet so about ten feet in total length here's the inside shot of me using the microphone hopefully the sound is not distorted while you're hearing me speak here's me speaking outside hopefully the sound quality is good for you while I'm speaking to you outside here I'm saying very interesting things while I'm far away with the extension cable hopefully the sound is clear now I don't usually get excited about instruction manuals but this has got to be the most in-depth instruction manual I've ever seen for a microphone or almost any other product so let's dive into it real quick so it's got a user's guide tells you how to basically use it which is a no-brainer tells you about the microphone adapter for the three pin or the four pin and then it proceeds to tell you how to record audio we've got iPhone users Android users and it even has like places to download special apps you can download a camera app that allows you to specifically focus on the microphone tells you how to get the best audio they have an instructional video how to remove hum hiss or noise from your audio instructional video how to remove static from audio recordings using audacity how to remove background noise like super in-depth I don't think I've ever seen instructure manuals so in-depth remove white noise his static and background noise with Final Cut Pro how to edit your audio on android and improve your audio for YouTube videos noise reduction apps that are great to have as part of your iPhone video denoise and audio flux you have questions they have helpful information it's crazy super in-depth I'm definitely gonna have to dive into this more all in all I really like the package how it comes where it comes with a carrying case it's pretty heavy-duty I like the feel of the cable it's not too heavy but it's not too light I have been excited about the sound quality especially for the price it's a pretty good deal so hopefully this in-depth review was helpful if it was smack that thumbs up and we'll see you next time you you you you


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