In this video we do an unboxing, review and sansi stellar floodlight camera installation.  The Stellar cam is pretty new to the market but it is making quite a splash.The sansi led stellar cam unboxes and installs in about 20 minutes including app setup. While installing the sansi stellar cam I was pleased to see that there is no required paid video hosting for the sansi stellar floodlight camera.  This fact alone made me an instant fan of the new sansi stellar floodlight cam.  We do a working sansi led stellar cam review showing you every aspect of the product inside an d out. We show you how to hook up the sansi stellar camera and connect it to the sansi mobile app.  Allowing you to view outside in real time. 

The SANSI Stellar Floodlight Camera also allows the owner to have two way communication with people outside via an onboard microphone and speaker.  This sansi led motion sensor security light is extremely bright at max light output and makes it almost like daylight at the installed area.  Which makes it a great option to be a security camera for driveway use.  This very well could be a great home security camera system contender. We love that the security camera light definitely doesn't lack in the area of lighting; it is super bright.  Check out this flood light camera.  So far we have found no better cost effective floodlight camera on the market.  Not only do we review this product but we also show you how do i install a floodlight.  The  SANSI Stellar Floodlight Camera Review is thorough and informative., SANSI Stellar Floodlight Camera Installation took about 15 minutes and the app setup took about 5 minutes.  Please enjoy our sansi stellar floodlight sansi camera review.

SANSI STELLAR CAM Product information:

Package Dimensions 11.2 x 10.2 x 6.5 inches
Item Weight 3.05 pounds
Shipping Weight 3.05 pounds 
UNSPSC Code 46170000
Item model number 01-04-001-013000
Customer Reviews 3.4 out of 5 stars    22 customer reviews

  • IMPROVE YOUR HOME SECURITY: Sends alerts and record videos as soon as motion is detected. You can monitor your home on your phone anytime, anywhere. You can also record, save and share all of the videos captured from your home for FREE using the light's 16G memory
  • PIR INFRARED SENSOR & SWITCHABLE VIDEO: Monitors your home in HD&SD video with PIR infrared night vision and Live View with 270 degree sensory angle and 140 degree video angle. Let’s you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi antenna
  • SUPERIOR BRIGHTNESS & TWO-WAY TALKING: Includes built-in 3600lm ultra-bright floodlights and a siren, you can alarm others via the microphone and speakers. Once any anomalies are detected, the super bright lights help you to clearly see what's happening at night
  • WEATHERPROOF & PATENTED TECH: Requires hardwired installation to a weatherproof electrical box. UL waterproof standard, perfect for outdoor use. SANSI's LED Security Motion Sensor Light utilizes our patented Ceramic Heat Dissipation Technology (CHDT), by which lighting performance and cooling efficiency are greatly improved, giving it up to 50, 000 hours longevity
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-year unlimited warranty means you are covered for replacement or refund regarding any quality issues, our friendly customer service always stands behind our products and will respond to you within 24 hours for any issues

3600lm Ultra-Bright Floodlights

Includes built-in 3600lm ultra-bright floodlights, the super bright lights help you to clearly see what's happening at night.

Adjustable Motion Sensory Zones

Being able to customize the motion sensory zones to illuminate lights for however long you wish after motion is detected.

Save, Review and Share Your Videos

You can not only monitor your home on your phone anytime, anywhere, but also record, save, review and share all the videos captured at your home for Free using the light's 16G memory.


Question:    Does this camera has cloud storage service? 

Answer:    The light doesn't have cloud storage service. However, It can hold up to 70 hours of motion triggered videos. 16GB local storage with no charge. Save, Review and Share Your Videos for FREE until the device capacity is full.

Question:    Can the APP be used on multiple phones for same fixture?

Answer:    Yes just have to use the same password and user

Question:    Can the camera/light link to more than on phone? i have an iphone and wife has android. we need both phones to receive alerts and control the device

Answer:    1 device can only be controlled by 1 account, however, you can use multiple phones to control the device as long as they are all using 1 account at the same time.

Today we're going to get some more security in our lives. we just got in the new Sansi stellar cam, it is a video camera with an LED security light. so let's unbox it, install it and check it out. alright the stellar cam it's got an app so that you can get motion alerts on your phone. you're able to do two-way video calling on either side, so that you have the ability to talk to people if they're coming up. you're able to adjust the light and it's got storage internally so that you can have it on there if you need it.

Alright so it looks like we got the user manual here, on how to put it together congratulations on buying it light up your world. this is going to be the gasket to install it right. it's there in the box I think we're gonna have our installation equipment in here. yeah there's our mounting bracket, wire nuts and the screws to attach it. alright so we've got the video camera there, the motion sensor, the LED lights. let's look at the back, here the wires to install it of course you got the ground you got the hot and the neutral.

It shows you here that it can be damp or it can be dry. wall-mounted, so on the top you see that it's got the antenna to attach to your Wi-Fi network. it's got the speaker to talk to the people. it's got your microphone right here so that you can hear the people and unlike a regular security light it doesn't have any kind of adjustment functions here because everything's going to be controlled in the app. first things first we need to turn to your trusty stripper, go ahead and take these wires down just a little bit maybe like a quarter inch farther so you have enough to get there and that wire nut.

Alright now let's jump outside get our stuff connected. we're gonna go and get our mounting clip in. I like to throw a little electrical tape on each wire just to make sure it's got a little bit of protection there. just make sure nothing gets in there nothing crosses. even though we got the wire nut on there I like some extra protection. all right you finish attaching the unit, you tighten the center screw to make sure it's nice and tight.

You want to make sure that the waterproof gasket all the way around is not impeded. once you're done it's got a little white plug that you put over where the screw hole. You will be able to adjust your lights and adjust your camera. turn it on, hook it up through the app. in the bottom left hand corner you see you can turn on and turn off the light. you can have sound or no sound and in the center you can press the microphone button to talk to people that are outside. Thanks for joining us, we hope out review and install was informative.


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