Monday, October 7, 2019

How To Quickly Create Catchy Content To Post On Multiple Social Media Accounts - POSTCRON

How To Quickly Create Catchy Content To Post On Multiple Social Media Accounts - POSTCRON

 How To Quickly Create Catchy Content To Post On Multiple Social Media Accounts - POSTCRON

I'm gonna show you a quick update on how to be able to mass post pictures on social media and be able to edit pictures quickly on-the-fly the program that I'm talking about here is post cron it's one of my favorite social media marketing tools because you can have tons of social media accounts and you can post to many of them. you can post variations, you can schedule times and all that kind of stuff. they actually have a new feature where you're able to edit pictures or you're able to even pull creative commons pictures and create artwork or memes with them as well. so we just released an update of our Extreme Couponing secrets ebook and we're gonna go ahead and let people know that they can get that for free with a Kindle unlimited subscription.

So right now we're actually going to change this up a little bit so that they can see it. so they have templates that you can use they have pictures that you can use that you can post. I'm going to take my picture that I have here. I'm going to add some text to it really quick and that will give me the opportunity to add the titles that I want. we're going to go ahead and put this in white okay so we have it there we're going to go ahead and use this image all right so now. I'm gonna be able to post this on my social media account here we've got the cover for my ebook and it says read free with Kindle unlimited trial but you can put emojis on here you can put text you can have it do any kind of backgrounds that they have set up so it's pretty good edit things post things quickly and to be able to get your content out there to the people who want it .

So hopefully this was helpful like I said I really like postcron. if you want I'll have a link below so that you can go ahead and get a free month and go ahead and try this out. like I said you can also book posts like hundreds of pictures to several social media accounts. you can post hundreds of posts and hundreds of pictures. then you can also do bulk posting, where you have a bulk file and you can actually auto post like up to five hundred posts at once which is pretty awesome. so hopefully was helpful if it was smack that thumbs up and we'll talk to you later.
We recently showed you the 2019 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA AUTOMATION SOFTWARE - POSTCRON  it specializes in BULK POSTING and conquers the competition VS Hootsuite & VS Buffer Schedule.   We also showed you that Postcron can do AUTO AFFILIATE LINK SHORTENING & LINK REDIRECT CLOAKING when you are doing your SOCIAL MEDIA SYNDICATION BULK POSTING task.  Postcron syndication software is so versatile with its many social media tool attributes.

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