Lingo Blaster 2 Save $53 OFF the Funnel INSTANTLY Review OTO Upsell JvOTOinfo - Lingo Blaster 2.0

Lingo Blaster 2 Save $53 OFF the Funnel INSTANTLY Review OTO Upsell JvOTOinfo - Lingo Blaster 2.0

Lingo Blaster 2 Save $53 OFF the Funnel INSTANTLY  Video Transcription:

Hey, thanks for joining me today I'm going to show you how to instantly save $53 off the funnel. The big guys are not going to tell you this because they want to keep as much of your money as possible in their pockets. I'm going to try to get it back to you so you can get this amazing software today and save as much money as possible. I am the green caddy and passive cash stacker. I'm with JV Oto And today we're going to be going through lingo blaster to this is a phenomenal, phenomenal product, it's going to instantly help you get more views and I'm going to show you why. But first of all, if you go to my page, I'll have a link in the description. I will actually show you how to get 53% off of this funnel. Just go and opt in to my mailing list I will show you how to save $53 instantly and then I'll show you all the oto's how they are and I have the links to all the pages here.

Lingo Blaster 2 Bonuses:

If you go ahead and get This program through my link, I also have the bonus package with the link variation by blaster as well as the auto generator, the econ buyer intent keyword auto generator, they're both phenomenal. I'm going to show you how those work. And it's really good if you're spinning a lot of content and you need a lot of different links and you need a lot of different buyer keyword or anchor text keyword. I'm going to show you how to do that. It's really great. We also have the ranking machine PDF, the private life lesson. We also have a huge training course for the to Bullseye masterclass, it's like 15 - 20 videos, and it actually is in PowerPoint. It's in mp3 audio, and it's in video so you have the ability to consume the comment content, however is best for you.

We've got 25 Pro animated YouTube outros, which is really nice because it adds a little bit of interaction at the end of your end screens, which is nice. We've got a YouTube program and ebook training bundle. So let's get a lot of different programs, a lot of plugins, and a lot of different YouTube PDFs, that tell you a lot of tips, tricks and secrets on how to rank. We also have the WP attention video attention, which is basically when people are scrolling through your website your video can continue playing and the video follows them so it doesn't stop and they don't just hear you they also see you while you're talking. And we also have a YouTube for business video training video as well. And if anyone gets any one of the otiose through my link, so like I said, we do focus on all the otiose here. If you get any of the otiose through my link, I will also give you a private training course on how I rank a lot of videos in multiple different niches. I have seven different channels that I run. My main channel isn't the biggest channel, but we do have 42,000 subscribers and So we'll basically show you how we rank a lot of videos now.

What Lingo Blaster 2 Does:

In the sales video for lingo blaster, they actually tell you that about 75% of your traffic you're not getting because it's in foreign languages, and they're not really staying on the videos. Now mine's about 50, about 48%, because 52% of my viewers are in the US. And then if you see here, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, almost all of them speak English as well. But if you see here, I do have several countries that are watching my content, and probably a couple thousand views per month. And so if I'm able to rank with these other countries, then I will be able to get more views in those countries. And what I love about this software here is that you can select 10 countries to translate at a time and not only can you translate your title and description in the languages, but you can also have captions in the other languages as well. So people can not only read your description, but while they're watching your video in whatever language you're in, it also has the captions along the bottom in their language so they can read and understand what you're saying while you're doing the training videos, which is going to spike up your retention, your watch time, your views, your interaction, all that kind of stuff.

Get your Lingo Blaster 2 Exclusive Discount:

Alright, so remember, check out the link below so that you can get the instant $53 off of this funnel. We've got the funnel breakdown on the website, we also have all the links to the direct upsells and we have the secret that has you saving that money putting it back in your pocket so that you're not giving it away to other people who are just greedy, grubbing, money hungry people, I want you to be able to rank your videos and keep your money as well. So let's go ahead and jump into the software here. It is They're blaster sweet online cloud based software, where they also have thumbnail blaster. I went ahead and got one of the upsells that had city blaster and city blaster is amazing if you try and rank local clients, so that's really nice.
But coming back to lingo blaster, you go to translate a video. All right, so you do that. And they have training videos on everything that you go to. So they really break it down really easy. It's simple, but if you don't understand it, they do have that training and they have excellent support. I own almost every single one of their products. And they really do help with ranking and getting your videos out there to the masses. So when you're in here, you go ahead and find the videos that you want. And it'll tell you if it's translated or not. If it is, it'll say yes, so you just click this one here. Once it says yes, then you can do the next step. And they have of course another training video. And remember, I told you that you can do 10 languages at a time. So what I would suggest is if you're not going to do all the languages, find out what the first 10 or 20 languages that you get for your traffic and translate those. So all you have to do is you go over to your analytics in your YouTube account and you find out what the top 10 non English speaking countries are so like Canada, it's probably going to be French.

We've got United Kingdom gonna be English. Australia is probably going to be English, but we got Philippines, South Africa, Mexico. Okay, so what we're going to do is, we're going to want French that's for sure. Okay. And then if you know what the languages that you want, you can search it. So Mexico speaks Spanish. Okay, so you can select Spanish and then we can find out what other languages are people speak. So we've got what is it Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, okay?
Filipino that's going to be for the Philippines. So like I said, you can do up to 10 at a time. If you do pass 10 it's going to give you a warning saying Whoa, you can only do 10 and I've got all the upgrades. So 10 is the max that you can do at a time. And then what we're going to do is after we select our languages, we're going to go ahead and go next, another training video of course, and then they have excluded terms that you can put from the video. So what you want to do is like the main keyword you'll probably want to exclude so you can put that in there.
Okay, and you can do, enter, when to have the ones that you want to select. So you can go through your description here and see if there's anything else that you want to exclude. So probably like lawn mower maybe.
Okay, and then after that, then you hit the next button,
More training videos, it's got all of the different languages that we are going to transfer into. And right here at the top, it's saying hey, we have successfully translated it. And once it's translated, it comes down here. So you see craftsmen and then it's got the language that it's in for Spanish. And it's going to do all of these. It says that for these 10 languages that can take up to 10 minutes and Once you have all of the languages done, then what you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and hit that Publish button. Now, once they're done, you can also go through to the different languages, and you can see how they are translated. And it's pretty amazing how quickly it actually translates them. And what I love is that when it is translating them, it does not affect your link. So whether you have affiliate links or link to your website, it's not going to change that or mess that up. A lot of times when you have spinning or translation software, it really messes it up when you have links inside. So I like that it does not, you know, mess up the links, which is very good. So once we're done, we're going to go ahead and hit Publish. And it says that it's going to take up to 60 seconds.

Lingo Blaster 2 Rankerise:

You have the ability to rankerise this So what it does is if you want to do the rank rise, I'm not going to do it on this particular video. But with the rank rise, it will actually go into each These descriptions and try to find a local keywords that it's going to help better rank in that locality. And so that's pretty awesome as well. And I don't know if you've had any of the other blaster software's, but they are really good at finding the right keywords at ranking and stuff like that. So once it goes through there, then we're going to go through and we're going to go to the caption Iser, so the caption. On the end, they have another training video. The caption, Iser gives you the ability to get captions in those countries. And once again, we just hit
Next step, you're going to select the countries that you want to go ahead and have it captioned in you hit the next button, another training video. I love that they have training videos everywhere. Alright, so we're going to go ahead and check out the blaster econ buyer intent keyword generator now this is phenomenal especially if you're running a pbn if you're doing a lot of backlinks if you're looking for great anchor text so let's go ahead and use lingo blaster to as an example. So what you do is you just come over here to generate links and what it does is it gives you a list of almost 70 different buyer keyword generated so best price for lingo blaster to best savings, bonuses all that kind of stuff cheap cheapest clothes out discount coupon lowest price reduced price savings, you know best offer coupon code discount cheap in stock, so pretty great and then what it does is it takes every single one of those buyer intent generated keywords and it puts it into a spin tax. So what you can do is you can make every single one of these, you can make every single one of these and text. So you can have a spun document, have it go out to 50 or hundred different you know blogs or web two point O stuff like that. And you can have each one come out with a different anchor text to give you great anchor text diversity, and try to start ranking for all of these different keywords, which is pretty great. Next, we're going to show you the YouTube link variation generator.

So the wonderful thing is once you have all of these different anchor texts, every single one of these can be a different link. So watch, this is the link from a video that I have you hit generate links, so it has all the links here. And these are all the different variations of the link for this specific video. But look, it also puts them in to spintax. So when you create all the anchor text, you can also have all the unique links. And so it definitely leaves less of a footprint for Google and for youtube so it makes it look more unique and more Natural and so it's going to definitely help you boost your rankings and these are the two main bonuses that I have when you come to our website. So after you save the $53 off in the funnel, I'm also going to get you the blaster YouTube link variation as well as the ECAM buyer intent keywords phenomenal phenomenal for rankings, it's definitely going to help boost it especially when you're in all these different countries. It's just a no brainer. So like I said, we got a bunch of different bonuses here for you also if you get any of the otiose through my link, I will also have a special training on how I rank a lot of videos in several different niches. Like I said, we have seven different YouTube channels in different niches. Our largest channel has 42,000 subscribers and you know may not be the biggest channel, but I'm making revenue from it not only in affiliate marketing but also in AdSense. And so I'd like to be able to show you The free and paid products that I use and some of the strategies that I use that are helping rank videos in 2020. Hopefully this was helpful if it was please smack that thumbs up and share it with anyone who wants to check out lingo blaster. Remember, you can come to my website with the link below in the box. And you can check out all of the upsells I've got links to all the upsell pages, I have the ability to get you $53 off of this funnel, which nobody else is going to tell you about. So make sure you check this out before you buy. And you know, hopefully I've been helpful and informative today. If I have, please subscribe, smack that thumbs up and share the video. And if you have any comments or questions about this product, leave them in the box below and I will try my best to answer them for you so we can get some engagement and start rocking this YouTube in 2020.
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Lingo blaster bonus & demo - a demo & bonus for lingo blaster. 2 days ago - Lingo Blaster 2 Review. See Full Lingo Blaster 2 Review with the lingo blaster primo review ⚠️warning⚠️ don't get this without my 👷custom👷 bonuses!!

Get lingo blaster - get lingo blaster: new updated video: - watch as i use lingo blaster to translate one of my videos into many other languages in less than 5 minutes! Lingo blaster review & walkthrough | watch as i buy lingo blaster. lingo blaster 2.

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