Doodle Maker REVIEW BONUS DEMO WALKTHROUGH Training - Doodle Maker OTO UPSELL Funnel Doodles Reviews

Doodle Maker REVIEW BONUS DEMO WALKTHROUGH Training - Doodle Maker OTO UPSELL Funnel Doodles Reviews
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Doodle Maker REVIEW BONUS DEMO WALKTHROUGH Training Video Transcription:

64, massive guru bonuses, one-on-one 30-minute, zoom training, console you get my new youtube ranking book and a detailed walk-through of all the nooks and crannies in this product. Hey. This is siddivar here. We'Re super excited about this launch, and here is just a sneak. Peek of some of the amazing features packed into doodle maker, now be able to make amazing blackboard, whiteboard and glassboard videos using the built-in 300 plus video templates or design videos from scratch, or convert existing and boring videos into powerful doodle presentations in any language. Within minutes with the built-in text-to-speech in 60 plus languages, with 150 male and female voices ability to make color or black and white doodle videos, language, translation, built-in library of millions of doodle images, whiteboard style video transitions hand starts - are just some of the powerful features built Into doodle maker.

Doodle maker review

And if you thought that was a lot for the first time ever, we are bringing to market an amazing, artificial intelligence technology that will make doodle video creation faster, easier and effortless and get. This will be able to paste a simple text into the app and the software will automatically scan the text and find relevant images and generate text-to-speech voices and create beautiful doodle style slides to create amazing doodle videos with artificial intelligence users can customize anything change.

Colors add their own images: music, produce beautiful blackboard, whiteboard and glassboard videos within minutes and to make video creation even more easier users can upload their own video or paste in a youtube. Url. The ai technology will automatically transcribe the video translate into another language and produce show stopping doodle videos effortlessly. It can get easier than this. We have at least 50 more features that will simply blow you away to make this an irresistible deal. We are giving all this away at the low one time price you don't want to miss out on this hi there. This is paul pogna, welcome to doodle maker. Now in this video, i'm going to show you all the great aspects of doodle maker. In a short summary format, so you can quickly get up and running with it and have a lot of fun using it. So the three components with doodle maker first, as you can see here, is ready-made templates that you can use that we have over 300 plus with male and female voiceovers in hundreds of different niches and industries.

Again, click them use them and easily customize them and create powerful videos. The second element is starting from scratch, using our artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art technology. What this will do, it will allow you to just paste a bunch of script and automatically it will pull in all the doodle assets and create your entire storyboard and the video itself and the beauty is. This is fully customizable as well, and i'm going to show you how to do that. And finally, we have the ai video translation engine where you can actually bring in any youtube video and then not only convert all boring videos into powerful doodle videos. You can actually go a step further and do something really cool which is convert it into another language. Imagine you can now reach international audiences as well, and so let's jump in and go to the very first step, and let me show you the kind of videos that you can create with doodle maker. That'S very important because the kind of flexibility that we've brought in the incredible depth that we brought into the amount of features that are included it's going to take me all day.

Doodle maker review bonus

So i'm just going to give you a quick overview of some of the features. So when you're jumping in and using it, it's going to be a lot of fun as well. The first thing that we have available is a color doodle, video, okay, that you can create for the first time ever. You can do that and watch this if you're. Looking for a quality bakery for your next event, you probably have a lot of questions such as beautiful, looking color doodle videos. You can also create white and blackboard videos, just like this one coming service and we're committed to creating satisfied, customers and handling all of your plumbing needs. It'S another example of a beautiful looking blackboard video. We can do glassboard, whiteboard blueprint, videos or even your own custom background as well, that you can bring in and also that wasn't enough. You can bring in a ton of other types of characters, assets and so on, using our library that you have here so, for instance, let's say i want to use some of the assets here, like shapes characters and so on and so forth like to see to My bottom right, you can do that as well as an example, let me show you this right here. You can see that you can create these character, sketch really detailed, doodle videos as well. We have thousands and thousands of assets like these as well.

So really, if you want to take it a step further, let's say now: we created one of these and we wanted to add something else. On top, we can actually go to the library go down and find anything that we want to do so, for instance, i want to do a shop right because this person - let's say they - want to set up their own business. I click search in the library and all these are sketchable. So, for instance, let's say i like this one right here, because this looks like a nice shop right. I want to build a business right and now this element, which is a doodle color element, will be hand drawn again.

This comes from over a million assets that you can pull from, and that is the only application by the way that does it, which makes rulemaker really extraordinary in what it can achieve. So that means not only and hear me out here. Can you create one more time, character, style, little videos make and change everything you want to do? You can add transitions like what you see here, which is fade in slide from bottoms light from the left slide from the right hand, drawing and so on and in cases where, for example, there uh is going to be an image that you want to bring over And convert into doodle video, you can also create it as a hand, painting type style which allows you to kind of make any image or video into a doodle video, very, very powerful element on what you can achieve with doodle maker. Not only have we've done everything for you in a sense that you can go in here right now and click on ready-made templates and have all these hundreds and hundreds upon whiteboard videos, glassboard videos like so with bunch of templates and voiceovers, and everything done blackboard, videos And so on, you can customize them as well. By the way you got male and female voiceovers for these, so it's very, very powerful, so you can reach different industries. We went a step further and we allow customization on top of it as well. So, for instance, any one of these templates that i have let's say a bakery. I choose a bakery template here once you load the template. There are two things you can do, one, which is the easy one which is you just load in here and then you change the logo and you can start rendering it because the voice over and everything else is done. And if you see here all the other, slides and videos are already done and you can customize it too by the way, even further, if you so desire and that's one option, and so let's say you want to customize even further.

Doodle maker bonus

Let me show you how to do that one. There are two options: one you can just remove the actual element here. Okay, so let's delete this element and we want to bring in something which is more like a doodle style element and so on. You have quite a few options here. One is you can go into one of our pre-made assets, as you can see here, which are a bunch of them, and there are thousands and thousands of these uh a color, doodle, black and white, and so on as well assets here that you can use, which Could be relevant to a bakery so, for instance, let's say i wanted to add this here: okay, that's because you know, maybe you want to bake a cake uh in this case for wedding or engagement or birthday or whatever right. That could be one and can draw this and sketch this out or let's say i can even go a step further and i can add multiple elements as well. So what do i mean by it? So because this can be moved around? I can put this here and i can also put another element here: could be a doodle element and so on. So, for instance, let's say i wanted to add a cake.

Okay, i can come in here and we can get all these assets for a cake. As you can see here so which one do we like here well, we could do this one and we could add this color doodle here and then have that transition as handwriting, and then you can change the speed elements here. You see that i can make it draw slowly, faster and so on and so forth. I can do that as well and then once i've set it to a speed that i like and then i can even go to the right. As you can see here, you see this timeline settings, i can just click on this lock button and then i can unlock it and i could start for example. Let me click on it. You say: are you sure you want to reset the timeline? Okay, yes and then now i can move things around. Where do i want, and what do i want to draw first?

So, for example, let's say i want to draw uh this one: first, a quality bakery right, good quality, bakeries first, but i don't want this uh, for example, this one to come. Second, i wanted this cupcake to come. Second right so well, i could do that as well by actually putting that cupcake to the top. You see here, as you can see here, so i can put every element. I can adjust it uh to show up first, second and so on, and the other thing is, if you see send backwards and all the other elements that are available here. All the other customizations are also available for you to tweak and do other things and so on. So, for instance, let me lock this again and once you lock the timeline like what i've done here, you can actually adjust more elements.

Doodle maker oto

So, for example, i can say keep display or hide after displaying, or i can have it, for instance, where it can display for a few seconds like four seconds, five seconds or whatever time, and then it hides after that. I can even do it where it will show up for just a few seconds and then hide, and on top of that i could put things on top of each other as well this way. So, for instance, let's say i wanted the cake to appear first and this one on top, i can do that as well, so that one will get hidden and then the other one will appear on top of it and get sketched out. So you can do different transitions as well. Now i want to talk about some of the features that are within the application.

Okay, so first thing the easiest one is, you can add text and it has a whole bunch of fonts that you can use and you can preview, the fonts and so on and so forth. So in this case, get a special discount. Today, okay, let's say, and you can change this font size as well, whatever you want and click insert to scene, you see that right there i can customize it. I can change the color of it. I can do all kinds of good stuff. So, let's delete this element right now and i can change these things over make it.

You know hand writing fade in slide from top strike from left and so on and so forth, and the cool thing is so. If i wanted to slide from left bottom and so on and so forth, it would have different hand transitions that would make that possible. Okay, so, for instance, this particular cupcake. Let me just delete this element for now, so i can show you how that would appear. So, let's say this cupcake right now. If i want this to uh basically slide from the left. Okay, i just have to do that and then i just click on the preview button on the top and i'll show you how that looks like if you're looking for a quality bake you'll see that so that could be a transition right away. You can adjust every single element, you can do hand drawing fade in slide from bottom and so on, and then, if you scroll down, you can even change the text to speech script for this in this element that you see right here, which is very powerful because Then you can go in here and if you wanted to redo that text-to-speech element, you can do that as well. You can also, if you go back and click on the canvas here, you can put your own text-to-speech voice.

Doodle maker oto upsell

We have a whole bunch of text-to-speech voices here in different languages and so on, which is very powerful, especially when you're trying to pick that language earlier on in the video itself. And then you can also do upload your own voice here, which is an mp3 file and so on or record your voice from within the application as well. So that's another powerful way for you to do it and, as you can see here, the seconds are displayed here in this case it's six seconds, so i would make sure that i record my voice to match that six seconds and so on. Alright. So that is straightforward now the next thing that you can do is you can change the language. You see that speech language and we have all these languages that you can do so. If i wanted to convert it into another language right away, i can just click. Spanish and click on that auto translation, button and click update and all these words and even the text to speech will convert into spanish.

You see that and if you see that process right here, you have these uh, you know change. You can even change that spanish voices and so on later on all right, so that's pretty really really cool stuff, and here, if i want to go a step further, i can even customize the hands one more time and change the hands right here. So many options available. I can put my own background music here. If you have a whole bunch available right here for you to go and pick - and you know add your own background music, you can even change as you can see here, the background itself. So you can see a white black glass board custom color, it's going to be like a blueprint, color like in architects and so on, or you can even do, for example, a green board or even put your own image and have that as a background as well. So very powerful resource to do that.

A lot of customization and flexibility for you to do, and then we have the watermark feature, as you can see here, where you can literally put any logo and have that as a watermark to appear throughout the video. So this has two elements here which is really useful, and the first element that is very useful is, as you can see here, is when you do the watermark. You have two options. Obviously, you can put it to the top to the bottom here like so whatever you want, you can also do something cool, which is you can change the opacity of this so that you know in case certain times.

Doodle maker bonuses

Maybe you want to put as a true watermark. So nobody's going to do your content and that sort of thing you can do that as well, so that you know the client actually pays or you can remove this watermark again and then you can basically give them the non-watermark based video. This is also useful. If you want this to appear throughout this logo throughout the full video as well, it's very useful in that sense, and if it lets me just delete the watermark here again, if you want to change the basic project name, you can go back to settings and change That as well so in this case business services, i could change it to a bakery business, video right and i click update, and then it automatically saves the settings and so on. Let me show you the library option. Right now.

Our asset library is the biggest doodle asset library anywhere online. I particularly went in spent a lot of money to acquire all these assets and so on to bring in and so for instance, you can get all bunch of icons. Like you see here, you can use this to search for different types of icons that you wanted to use. So, for example, i want to put a search for a doctor and it's going to find all kinds of doodle assets right here and then we also have an assets tab, which is you have all these cool assets that i was showing you earlier right. So very, very powerful. So, for instance, if i want to put this guy right here and i wanted that to be sketched all i have to do - let's eliminate this element for the time being, and let me put him in the center and let's say we want him to be first.

So, let's do that right now, let's put it out just to show you how this would look like right and now you can preview it and i'll show you how cool this will look since i had the language of spanish, as you can see here, it automatically Made that video into spanish and if you go back to the library one more time we also have assets with pixabay, for example. This could be happy and i wanted to get somebody who is really happy. So, let's say her right, she's really happy jumping in joy. So, for example, what i can do is, i can add her in here like so i can remove the background like what you see right now and it's gon na take a couple of minutes, but there you go so we could have something like this and we Can put that anywhere into this and also make that into a transition like a hand, painting reveal fade in fade out and all that stuff for that asset to come in and what's even cooler than that is. If i delete this and go back to library, do the same thing right and i could find somebody else. So let's say i find this this couple right here. It looks really nice. What i can do is, i can click on this little icon, which says the magic wand. It automatically converts it into a nice little sketch, painting kind of style, so i click use and now again i can go a step further and remove this background as well. So it's pretty cool and what it can achieve. It works really well with human style, uh video.

So again, i can make this a hand reveal. So, for instance, i could do that and i can do the transition, for example, either a hand painting or a reveal or fade in slide from the left and so on and so forth. So if i want to put a slide from the left, for instance, and put that into the first, so i'll show you how this looks like real quick. So you can get an idea of how easy it is to do this element right away and create a whole storyboard around it, and so let's preview siesta pretty pretty powerful right and that it means that literally you'll never run short of doodle assets or whiteboard assets. Ever and on top of that, we also have photo bin here, and we have this really cool integration, where you can go a step further and find all the doodle videos you'll ever need.

So, for example, if i wanted to do something to do with baking as it's a bakery well, i have your lessons on that. Let'S say i wanted to do something on a business right, so let's say i wanted to grow a business and so on and so forth. Well, you have all these doodle assets specifically for that, for instance, so let's say i wanted to create something along these lines that you see here. So let's say i want to draw this. So if i wanted to drag this and this one into the timeline, i can do that right away. So, for instance, let's say i wanted to put this one right here. I can adjust different elements here, as you can imagine, so i could even make the transitions different for each of them.

So in this case this one is handwriting. So let's slow it down a little bit. This one is, for example, something else so i'll slow. This down slightly as well, and then now you can test out this right away as well. Again, you can change the language again if in case you just wanted to keep it english. You can do that as well. Simple simple way: again: i'm going to put the english uh. You know accent here and so on, and then we can do that as well. So, for instance, so now, let's click on the preview button, pretty powerful right and you can always go in and you can add a new slide as well.

Just make sure that you're in the final step before you add the slide, so i'm in the sixth line right here, then i can go into the sixth one and click new slide and it's gon na open up the seventh one and again i can do all Kinds of good stuff here as well and add customizations and so forth, right here, one last thing: i wanted to show you beyond the library and everything else that we covered so far, which is really powerful, which gives a lot of flexibility, the background removal and all That stuff, that i showed you a couple of last final cool things i want to show you is the two other options that are available start from scratch and the ai video translation engine, both of which use our artificial intelligence translation, as well as the machine learning Ninja, so what that would do, is you click on new project from scratch, for example, and let's say something simple like how to lose weight right and that's the title that you want to do and let's say the tips that we wanted to do. Is we want to sort them into different, slides so like eat a high protein breakfast avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice and then, let's put another one here, which is drink, uh, coffee or tea, for example?

Okay, let's say these other things. Now you see the right. You have options here, select the soundtracks. Let'S say i want to put a background music. If i don't want to that's okay, i can choose the speech language so meaning i can write it in any language. I want and then also you have, the scene, background white, black glassboard custom, color, custom image and so on, and then you also have the icon type. So what you can do here, icon type means which doodle assets you wanted to pick. Okay, do you want to pick up just black and white doodle assets, meaning you'll draw black and white, or you want to put colored doodle assets only meaning it's going to color your lashes, it's going to pick in from our library or you're gon na. Do it with mixed, which is gon na, make me a mix of both uh color as well as uh, black and white? Okay, again, you can mix and match. Once you create the project, you can do anything you wan na do right. So, for instance, if i put color icon right - and i want to do that - i can do that as well, so i can pick the hand style. So let's say i want to pick uh. Let'S see here this handset okay, then i go. Click save watch. What happens automatically it's going to pick the doodle assets based upon you see it highlighted, eat and then also add highlighter protein right.

So it's gon na pick these assets and again every single element, as i showed you earlier, is editable meaning i can change the transitions. Every element here that you see i can even change, which one appears first and so on in the timeline settings, and i can go back to the library and i can add more elements and i can do all kinds of stuff. For example. I can say, for example, gym right and i can type in any assets related to gym and i can add these dumbbells and these boxing gloves - and i can even add this asset, for example, because this looks nice. I can do that as well.

So, for example, i could i could do simple stuff like that. I can add text right and i can say, for example, how to lose weight as an example. I click insert and then i can add that in here as well pretty cool and that wasn't enough. We went a step further and let me show you that as well, and that is the ai video translation engine, which is where you can bring any youtube video and you can get that translated and created into a different language. Video and it's automatically going to transcribe. That video, it just needs a voice and then it's going to convert that into a doodle video as well.

So let me show how that works, click on new and then, let's give it a project, file and uh. Let'S see how to eat uh healthy on a budget as an example, and then you can take any video, i recommend the ones you have obviously permission on or for that matter it's your own video that you have that you created with some other video creation, app That you want to create as a doodle video, you can do the same again as you can see here. I can choose the scene uh. I can choose the uh assets type, let's say i'll, put it black and white for now and then you can do it. Lightboard blackboard and so on, so let's say i want to do blackboard now and i wanted to leave it as is here. Okay - and all i have to do now - is click get youtube video and you see that i click that blue button and then you see this.

I'Ve automatically transcribed the whole video here and i can edit any element as well. If i wanted to right so i can change this uh elements right here, right and so on and so forth right, i recommend to rewrite it to the best of your ability, so let it make it your own. If this is not your video and if it is your own video, obviously you don't have to worry about that, so once you've done so and you've done this whole process. The next thing that you do is click on the save button on the top, and once you do that automatically it's going to find all the doodle assets. You see that and obviously you can add text you can do all this stuff elements and so on. It is automatically created as the slides. It'S automatically done, the text-to-speech as you can see here, it's automatically done all that work for us and i can choose whatever voiceover. I want for text to speech and so on and again i can go back to the library and add any other additional assets. I can add text again. I can add all kinds of cool stuff here, so that's another great option. So that concludes the complete overview of doodlemaker there's.

So many other things i can go over, but this should kind of show you everything that you need to get up and running, create beautiful videos with doodle maker. We are so excited to have you checking this out and hope you enjoy it just as much as we did creating doodle maker

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