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CarbRite Diet Extra Rich Blondies with Chocolate Chips Baking Review – Carbrite Diet Blondies

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CarbRite Diet Extra Rich Blondies with Chocolate Chips Baking






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Greetings thanks for joining me today Today we are going to be testing out Some of the carb right diet by doctors It's going to be the extra Rich Blondies and they have with chocolate Chips and it's easy baked we went ahead And tried the extra Rich fudge brownies Last time so we're gonna go ahead and Bake them and we're gonna taste test Them and last time we were extremely Excited about the texture and the flavor Of the brownies because we've had a ton Of stuff for keto and it has not been Friendly on our palette or our mouths so Let's jump into it all right so we're Gonna easily follow the instructions it Calls for three eggs it calls for half a Stick of butter or one quarter cup and One little bitty teaspoon of water go Ahead and look at the ingredients here We've got uh when it's fully cooked Eight grams of fat it's got 19 total Carbs we minus three and a half fiber And we minus 14 sugar alcohol it also is Going to have five grams of protein so The macros on that are pretty amazing One and a half grams of net carbs pretty Exciting All right we're gonna get started we Gotta take our three eggs Get them to whipping [Music] All right we're going to throw in our Softened butter

[Music] Then we're going to add in our mix Okay see here comes in a resealable bag It's got lots of chocolate chips on the Inside All right we're gonna dump it in there And let's get our mixing party going [Music] Don't forget to add in your teaspoon of Water [Music] You've always got to make sure you test Some of that batter and dough Most of the time that is a lot better Than everything else Um We're gonna try a little double boiler Action today last time the edges got a Little bit burnt so we're going to have A tray of water I'm going to put a pan Inside And then we're going to go ahead and Line this And then get our batter inside Carb-free butter flavored cooking spray All right so we gotta preheat the oven At 350 and this one recommends cooking For 30 to 40 minutes now in the last one It said 40 to 50 minutes and at 35 Minutes it was almost burnt so we're Gonna set this for 25 minutes and then Check it from there so we'll see how it Goes So let's get our batter inside

All right so let's get it all in there Nice and smooth And then we'll smooth out the top to Make sure we got everything ready to Bake All right that looks beautiful let's Throw it in the oven and we'll show you When we pull it out now I said of course We always eat some batter before we put It in but the box says warning do not Eat raw batter you make your choices All right we just pulled it out of the Oven and it is looking like some toasted Deliciousness That's the timer saying get it out of The oven Right it is all lit up and looking Delicious Let's cool it and see how it tastes All right we pulled it out of the oven Feels pretty good the edges look nice uh When I pulled it out though all of the Chocolate chips sank to the bottom so if You see here I think my wife's gonna Really enjoy this part this is all like Chocolate but we're gonna go ahead and Dive into it see how it tastes All right so we got it here you see how It's uh darker towards the bottom Because all the chocolate sank down to The bottom uh it's nice and browned on Top the edges look nice So let's go ahead and get in there and See how it tastes

So this actually takes a lot like a Brownie It's a little bit chewy it's got a Little bit of crunchiness towards the Top But it's creamy and moist and chewy in The center look at that That one actually looks really really Good It tastes in between Like a cookie And a cake And um that's really nice now this one Does have a lot of a chocolatey flavor Most especially since the chocolate sank To the bottom if you like chocolate You're probably going to really love This this one for me is You know it's okay because it has tons Of chocolate in it but I do like the the Cookie taste and the cookie feel to it Which is really nice I think if they Would have had half the chocolate chips In here I would have enjoyed it a lot Better but I think my wife is really Gonna love it because it's got tons and Tons and tons of chocolate Hmm All right I'm gonna give it to my wife I'll let you know what you think all Right so I conferred with the wife and She said it also tastes good so she Liked this one right here but she said Just like I felt that the brownie had a

Much better flavor much better Consistency they're both good uh but we Definitely chose the brownie over uh the Blondie now if you haven't seen the Brownie video yet uh there will either Be a link up here or a link down there And you can go and check out that Brownie review cooking video as well so Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you did Smack That thumbs up I've got a massive Discount Link in the bottom thanks for Watching and thanks for your support [Music]


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