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Crafty crab seafood restaurant Houston Review crafty crabs lobster king crab

⏰ Crafty Crab Seafood Restaurant KEY MOMENTS ⏰
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00:00:18 – crafty crab seafood restaurant recipes
00:00:43 – crafty crab seafood restaurant crab cracker
00:01:13 – crafty crab seafood restaurant full sized potatoes
00:02:12 – crafty crab seafood restaurant super good dish
00:02:56 – crafty crab seafood restaurant customer service

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[Music] Got done with the Katie’s seafood house it was excellent Uh we had all of the different types of Oysters We had the cheese bread the uh bisque Lobster bisque with the Butternut bisque with crab and then we Also had the fried shrimp the fried Shrimp was probably the freshest fried Shrimp i’ve had anywhere Fried shrimp is one of my favorite Things and this one here has an Extremely fresh Flavor and taste where you don’t need to Put anything on it no sauces no lemon Anything like that Phenomenal flavor The oysters all the oysters were Excellent i love the rockefeller and my Wife loved the grilled oysters but all Of them were excellent We’re definitely going to come back here To katie’s seafood house next time that We’re here in town We actually got recommended this place From our uber driver And We’re definitely going to come back here Again everything was phenomenal


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