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Galveston Duck Tours Review – Galveston Island Duck Tours Reviews DUKW

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] This is what the World War II ducks look Like So the duck tour in Galveston Island was Actually pretty awesome uh it runs about 30 bucks a person and then I think it's Like 20 or 25 for kids it was well worth The uh the tour the price we learned a Ton about Galveston that we never knew You learn all about the history about The founders about the the big flood and And uh you know the natural disasters That they've had there you see places in Galveston that you normally wouldn't and Then you also get the water part of the Tour which is also pretty awesome uh it Is in a d u k w uh so that's why they Call it a duck or the nickname is and it Is the manufacturer's code so the d Stands for the model year which is 1942 You refers to the body style or utility Amphibious the k for all-wheel drive and The W for dual real axles so with this Tour you actually go all through and you See a lot of the tourist attractions you See all of the old buildings all of the Old Mansions the schools you see

Downtown you hear a lot about uh Galveston and how it was founded uh they Show you some uh you know some Intricacies of of hotels and stuff like That that you never would have known Like one of the hotels is actually an Old bunker for World War II which was Pretty awesome and uh we really really Enjoyed it so I definitely give this one A thumbs up we got a little bit of Clips In there uh and some pictures but it was Super fun well worth it and uh it's Right next to the Pleasure Pier so you Can go ahead and grab that I think they Run it every hour every two hours really Really fun


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