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Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island Review – Holiday inn Resort Galveston TX Pool Breakfast Photos

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Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island Review

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00:12:55 – Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island Front Lobby & Outside view

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Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island review. My team and I are eager to share our experiences with this resort. This will be a great resource for anyone looking to have a good time. This Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island review demo will give you the best Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island review inside information. Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island reviews always let us know about all the things the resort puts us through. We want you to be able to make the best Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island decision in your next vacation. We cover all the best Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island features that this resort has to offer. We hope you loved watching our Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island review.

Holiday inn resort Galveston TX. Is Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island your best getaway in Galveston? The Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island is a unique place to stay in Galveston. I, will show you some of the great activities that you can do in Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island. I will be traveling to this beautiful island soon, and I am really excited. I will be sure to put this video to good use when I do.

Holiday Inn Resort Galveston Island by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. This hotel is centrally located right in the heart of downtown Galveston, TX. Right next to the cruise ship terminal, Marina, Seawall, Johnson Space Center, Moody Gardens, Reliant stadium, Pier 21, and so many more exciting locations. This hotel has all the amenities of home like free local phone calls, free long distance phone calls, complimentary hot breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. This hotel is conveniently located near the ferry boat that will take you to the island. What more could you ask for when you take your family on vacation? Whether you are coming for a destination wedding or anniversary or just to an escape from reality, this may be the place for you. This hotel is recommended by Tripadvisor This hotel is 4 and a half stars out of 5 stars. The hotel’s amenities, such as the location, the cleanliness, and customer service just to name a few, is the reason that this hotel stands above the rest.

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Holiday Inn Resort you're probably going To want to do the parking in the back This big column here is where the Elevator is when you go inside The First Column you have the area where You get your luggage carts and you also Have access to the pool that's on the Interior you're going to be staying at The Resort in Galveston this is room 617 Double Queen right inside the door is The bathroom now this one here is quite Cozy right inside we have a single Vanity Foreign But we have our faucet we have mama's Favorite Dove body lotion and hand wash And if this one is locked up on the Counter that's pretty cool I've never Seen that before uh we've got one set of Plugs in here we've got some uh regular Hand towels and washcloths we have Aromatherapy Associates protect shower Cap and what is this here whisper mint Mouthwash I don't think I've ever seen a Mouthwash at the Holiday Inn and we have Uh four cups little tissue holder there And then we have some tissue paper now This is quite cool I've never seen them Seal the toilet paper that's pretty cool Down below we have four large towels two Half towels and two uh washcloths as Well as an additional roll of toilet Paper and a small little trash can We do have

A elongated toilet We do have a picture of the Pleasure Pier that is right down the road that's Why we're staying this week so if you Haven't seen our video yet you can go And check that out the Galveston Pleasure Pier uh inside the shower We have the Dove Body Wash shampoo and Shampoo we got two shampoos oh that's Kind of funny we're missing a Conditioner inside the shower this is a Super short shower head maybe five eight So this one here I don't know if you see Any but I'm way up here getting ready to Touch the roof So this one here is about five eight it Does have The outward shower rod uh to give you a Little bit more space in here but this One here feels kind of confined uh it is A standard size tub it does have uh two Little racks for bars of soap if you Have them and it also has a safety bar In here feels quite sturdy the bar Inside we do have a Keurig Mama's Everywhere love those right Mama We also have uh coffee and we have a Couple of different types of that plus We also have uh teeth and decaf a couple More cups these are coffee cups and some Sugar we have an ice bucket two more Plastic cups and a larger trash can That's nice we also have a full-size Mirror that's decorative here with a

Light and then right here we have a full Body mirror so that you can get in there And look pretty for the beach All right so we do have Um Some art on the wall And then we have a double Queen today Oh oh wow and this one actually feels Super soft So this might be nice each bed has uh Four pillows uh the pillows are Soft and soft we got four soft pillows On the nightstand we have a phone we Have an alarm clock and then we have a Mounted power strip that has three plugs And two usb chargers that's nice on the Lighting fixture We have a power plug so that means we've Got four power plugs up here that's Awesome we've got the remote The channels How to stay clean and if you want uh The app you can go ahead and scan that There We have a drawer No Bibles or other books inside And uh when we come here we have our TV It's a flat screen TV we have a three Drawer chest All right And we have a little Galveston Life Adventure bed uh this room does have a Microwave and a full-size refrigerator Inside the refrigerator it's got a

Little freezer section on the top it has Room for your drinks on the side And uh it has a couple of shelves this Is going to be nice because there's Actually a grocery store right down the Road so if you're staying here for a Couple of days you can definitely take Advantage of that we do have one of Those suitcase racks here so you can Unpack your suitcase And then it has a desk The desk has a pretty nice chair little Storage section here The chair seems kind of comfy we have Another lamp that has two charging ports Here so it seems like we got a lot of Power here uh gives us the ability to Plug in anything that we need laptop Phone all of that we have a light and a Chair Oh wow that is super comfortable All right we have an AC blower so that It doesn't directly blow on the first Bed but it comes up to the center of the Roof to give everybody a little bit of AC And right here on the wall it says Switch must be on for the AC here so if You come into the room and the AC is not Working check the switch first All right so we do have Big giant almost floor-to-ceiling window And we have a door balcony that comes Out

Oh wow so We've got two chairs We've got a table nice ample area to sit Here and relax Inside the room you can see and then Look at the pool so we got a little Splash pad area for the kids we got a Pool area and of course the reason we're Here is a nice 104 degree jacuzzi so There's areas over here where you can Relax and hang out they've got lots and Lots of chairs a couple of umbrella Tables with more chairs here And the jacuzzi is open till 11 o'clock They do have a basketball right there Basketball hoop for being able to play Water basketball and you can either take Room towels or right through the door There they do have a towel checkout Center where you check it out with your Key card and when you're done you put it Back in and it credits you back so they Don't charge you for the towels Foreign Now the pool is next to the parking lot But there's a lot of coverage here so People aren't just sitting there gawking At you and what was really really funny Is when we drove up we didn't really see The entrance to the hotel because there Are two restaurants in the front you Actually go in between the restaurants To be able to check in at last but not Least we all we also have the Wardrobe

Open this guy up here and we have a Full-size iron we've got probably about 10 hangers this one here has got soup Hangers and regular hangers we also have The bolt to the floor Safe You have soda machines [Music] And sanitizer here we have the towel Pickup and towel return if you do not Return your cowl it is 25 when you're Done you put it here and you turn around From the towel return and then you come Out They do have some rooms Bats are right next to the pool Well they do have waterfalls where you Can get a nice massage And they have a jacuzzi in the back nice Waterfall it just tickles it doesn't Really give you a massage It's pretty good nice and relaxing They got a little water pad here for the Kids and every couple of minutes it Splushes Right off the pool they also have a Guest restroom and it's for guys girls Or handicapped now if you want to leave The pool area you gotta hold this button Down to be able to open the door if not You'll never get out clean the two Elevators is the guest laundry and Ice They have uh laundry here for a dollar Fifty and they also have soap bleach and

Softeners along with AC and Hand sanitizer Foreign This is the morning view from the Balcony Like I said all the way down it's just Beach you can walk right across the Street And get in the waves And of course Got the pool downstairs hey we have Scrambled eggs Jalapenos and cheese Eggs and Ham And potatoes Sausage Cakes [Music] Oatmeal So I have some cereal and Jewelry Some fresh fruits which are really ripe They're delicious and some milks [Music] Have the business center here you also Have a charging station you can also do Faxes and Postal Services We have a male and feel restroom and we Have the bottle filler the fitness Center we'll show you that in a second They have the arcade where you can get Tokens Play games [Music] We got Executive offices here in the

Back and The fitness center is open 24 hours the Center rules all right we got dumbbells We have All right so we have some treadmills Here an elliptical oh no that's not how You write it and an exercise bike and if You feel like you are brave you can also Get on the scale inside the gym you also Have a nice view of the pool outside Oh they got weight balls mama [Music] And A yoga ball you'll have a hot and cold Water machine to stay hydrated A trash can and Sanitizing wipes As well as some stretching charts to Show you what to do before and after Your workout some towels to dry off when You're done and to wipe down your Machine this is the machine mama loves This one here is the pre-core USA Also have ball roofs so that you can Have your meetings here they also have a Kids island where the kids can come and Play it looks like currently it is Closed Foreign Lobby They do have a store here where you can Get all your stuff that you need and They also have an ATM So when you come up to the hotel you're

Going to be seeing the jiggers and the Jetty there's no big sign here that says Holiday Inn Express when we came in we Actually drove all the way around the Building and so we found out that when You walk in here right next to the jetty Is where the front desk is uh the V Jiggers is a bar and they will be having Music until about 11 to 12 at night Depending on what day it is [Music] Um and then you stay in all these rooms Here right next to the pool And when you stay higher you have the Ability to be able to see the beach Behind you level four and above [Music]


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