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Texas State Fair Rides – Texas State Fair Rides Dallas TX Fair Ride Review

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00:00:00 – Texas State Fair Rides Review – Texas State Fair Food Dallas TX
00:01:09 – Texas State Fair Rides Inside tour
00:01:23 – Horror Rides Texas State Fair
00:02:17 – Texas State Fair Rides Fun
00:08:31 – Texas State Fair Nights Rides

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Today we are at the Texas state fair now When you come in uh you can come in on South Haskell 925 South Haskell they Have Premier Parking where you're able To go ahead and enter through a red arch Right up here on the right if not you Have to drive all the way back to a Tower it's half the price but then you Have to take a tram to get in to the State Fair Premium parking 40 bucks and then you Have the entrance right there on the red Entrance so you have the red entrance Here you come in do your security check And then you can get your tickets right Behind it Now if you want to go ahead and get in And out privileges you get your tickets And then they will go ahead and put a Stamp on your hand if you want to go out And come back later since they are open Until 10 30. you can come and Buy Coupons with credit card here or you can Go to the boots and inside of the park And you can go ahead and pay cash if you Want we have now entered The ride section Where we have rides all the way around We are going to experience the haunted House And we see the Tater twisters and Broccoli Bonanza All right let's go experience this and See how it is

[Music] [Music] Oh that feels nice [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] What'd you guys think was that the Scariest ride ever No thumbs down oh no [Music] Giant grills Right here There's a whole lot of turkey legs A jukebox music fun house [Music] Struggling to get through this one it's Twisted and turning hey [Music] What do you think so good Foreign [Music] And my son loves The Carpetbaggers Videos so we're gonna get up there and We're going to soak our shoes with Bubbles at the end Foreign [Music] Oh my gosh [Music] Oh they're making the bubbles they're Making the bubbles [Music]

Oh here it comes [Music] Oh My God whoa whoa oh my God oh my God Whoa ah security [Music] And The Bubble Room is coming monkey's Laughing at us the whole time come on Party [Music] Come on Come on All right all right we gotta look at our Shoes here yeah look at our shoes It looks as good as a carpet bagger what Do you think Alexander did you have fun yeah my kind Of rides right here All the little bitty ones potato ride Mama Foreign [Music] Are the rides that I love really close To the ground and not too fast [Music] This was one of carpetbagger's favorite Dark ride ride so we're gonna have to do This one here Park ride [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]


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