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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa Beach Review – Holiday Inn Express Hermosa Beach Review

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Thank you for joining me today to discover more about Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa Beach. Let us walk you through what is included in this hotel review demo. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa beach is a great place to stay if you are traveling. This Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa Beach review demo will show you that the price you pay is worth it. We will mention all the main features of this hotel.
The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa Beach is a first-rate hotel located by the sand. This Holiday Inn is known for its superb customer service. You will find yourself living your getaway dreams in every luxury room. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa Beach provides a remarkable customer service experience. In the end, this will truly be a rewarding stay at any Holiday Inn. Get a firsthand look at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hermosa Beach with this Holiday Inn Express Hermosa Beach review demo. This video will show you the facts and figures about this hotel. We hope you have a lot of fun with this Holiday Inn Express Hermosa Beach review.

We pride ourselves in the Holiday Inn Express that we build. All of the Holiday Inn Express is designed to attract customers that want to stay at a facility that is clean and comfortable. These are modern Holiday Inn Express features that people come to expect. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel Scranton PA is designed as a cookie-cutter design, which is inexpensive to construct but fits with the many Holiday Inn Express Hotel Scranton PAs that already exist. The Holiday Inn Express Hermosa Beach is a hotel that is constructed for an area that already has a Holiday Inn Express Hotel there. Nearly every hotel that is constructed today is a Holiday Inn Express. These Holiday Inn Express are built with a special design that enables the hotel to be constructed in less time than other designs. The Holiday Inn Express Hermosa Beach is a hotel that exists in the middle of Hermosa Beach. If you are visiting any of these Holiday Inn Express, thank you for paying attention. Here is the Holiday Inn Express that was constructed in Hermosa Beach, big thanks to the owners of the hotel. This is the Holiday Inn Express where meetings are held. If you look outside the window of this Holiday Inn Express you will also see others Holiday Inn Express. If you check out any of these Holiday Inn Express’s, feel free to send them a hi and introduce yourself. If you want to stay in one of these hotels, we recommend Holiday Inn Express Every Holiday Inn Express is different, so if you want a cookie-cutter design, you may have to do some searching to find one.

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Today we're gonna do a tour of room 237 Of the Holiday Inn Express and Suites This is a full king suite right inside We do have the bathroom door Inside we have the mini bar now Currently they're going to be fixing This one here so we're not going to be Using this sink but it does have a full Refrigerator inside it does have a Built-in microwave hi it has a storage Over These guys here and then it has an ice Bucket it has cups a Keurig which mama Likes we have Coffee coffee cups coffee creamer inside Of the closet we have a full iron Ironing board Five hangers we have our extra bedding Here we do have a built-in Safe into the floor And we have a full body mirror With a table that comes out for the Queen sofa sleeper coffee table and a Big giant lamp wow that looks like You're gonna get your hair done there we Do have an AC here Right there And then we have a table With chairs We have a lamp and then we have one of These things here I love these little Dressers Where you can go ahead and put your bags Down

So you can lay your bags down and get Them done we do have a TV here with a Desk now the nice thing is here on the Desk we do have uh two power plugs two Usb chargers we also have a lamp and a Fancy designer mirror there and on the Lamp it does have two usb chargers we Have the AC on the wall And a window to the Courtyard here On the bed this is a king size oh wow This one's actually pretty soft it does Have the four pillows Pillow is a soft and a firm mama's gonna Like that we do have some nice lamps That you can turn off on either side of The bed stand with a phone And on the other side we have An alarm clock With a Two plugs and two usb chargers a pencil And a pad Inside the bathroom It has a walk-in shower with nice glass Here they do have a handlebar oh and They have the dove here in the shower The Dove Body Wash Dove shampoo and some Conditioner They have a Walk-in This one here is about six foot so it's Gonna wash most of me but not all of me And uh I do really enjoy these here Where they have the lipped uh drain so That it doesn't overflow when you're in

The walk-in shower it has a full Elongated toilet which is good for the Big high knees A nice vanity here With A lighted mirror around it also has some Hand wash and body lotion from Dove oh Mama is gonna like that some extra Washcloths Vanity sink We got toilet paper rolls here plus a Brand new roll and some washcloths now Looks like we might have Two full-size towels one on the floor so We're gonna have to get some more towels In here and it also has a little hook on The back of the door so that you can Hang your clothes and it has two plugs To plug your stuff in here in the Bathroom All right for the channels it does have A whole host of channels and a little Remote here so that you can go ahead and Watch TV and get your work done now look At this chair this Looks like a nice 70s chair looks pretty Soft and it looks like it hugs your Hiney all right now this is the office For the next seven days When you are staying for quite a few Days like we are they do have some nice Pull out drawers where you can go ahead And sort your clothes so you can have Your socks and all that kind of stuff

Down there easier to get to and then you Don't have to Jumble up your giant Suitcase they also have a nice little Trash Can there on the side Ready to relax All right on each floor they do have a Guest laundry that is open 8 A.M to 10 P.m they are wash laundries 150 on the Quarters Pretty big size they got dryers Washers regular washer front load washer And you can get soap bleach and Softeners These are dollar 25 a piece they got Bounce for two loads and tied And they also have Hand sanitizer looks like all right here In this hotel they do have three fours They got the lobby floor second floor And third floor All right so we have the workout center Here it has a treadmill elliptical it Has a bike and it has some free weights With some exercise balls the fitness Center is open 24 hours and children Under 16 of age must have an adult do You have an adult Right the pool is 8 AM to 11 p.m does Have an access with the key Let's see what's inside all right so we Are in the pool and jacuzzi area are you Ready to swim Yes it's right next to the workout Center and this is actually different

I've never seen this before we got the Pool it's indoor pool but it's got an Open side so you walk in here and it's a Little bit chilly but uh as we felt last Night the pool is heated and of course The jacuzzi is heated all right so they Actually have two towel stations they Have a towels and towel drops they have One here they have one there they also Have a handicap lift and they have uh All the stuff to save people and clean The pool while you're here they've got a Seating area they've got lots and lots Of chairs so that you don't feel awkward Coming here with your family And the pool looks pretty clean Do you approve They have two different kind of towels Here they have this color here and then They have a dark blue and you see the Difference one is a kids towel one is an Adult's towel so they have the main Entrance here for the pool and then they Have a secondary exit that goes back Into the hotel And they have a trash can here as well Switch for the jacuzzi is on the wall With the emergency shut off It's right here below it It's got a 15 minute timer Oh yeah this is what we came for What I like here is it's got two-sided Rails here so that you can get in there Nice and safe so inside the jacuzzi

There are a couple of steps and if you Want to be fully submerged to your head You have the first step the Second Step The third step you can sit on the third Step and it'll go all the way up to your Chin if not you will have your top chest Exposed as you sit on the regular bench Full exit has an emergency exit to the Back Has access to the stairs okay let's go And it has the staff area only where They make The clues The room right next to the pool we've Got the paper towels got the nice sink Area With the wash Nice full body mirror Urinal Baby changing station Toilet paper everywhere and a nice Elongated toilet for people with the big High knees toilet seat covers and The trash can Front door Breakfast Snacks they also have Cribs and rollaways for an additional Charge


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