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00:01:00 – Pineapple Skin Tea Ingredients Prep
00:03:10 – Other Ingredients
00:03:53 – Pineapple Skin
00:06:07 – Pineapple Skin Tea Ingredients Mix
00:07:05 – Mix and Boil
00:08:14 – End of Pineapple Skin Tea

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Today we're going to make pineapple skin Tea First thing we're going to do is we're Going to go ahead and take the top off Of the pineapple get that off [Music] Then we're going to take our pineapple Here we're going to put it inside of our Pot of water and we are going to Salt it On all sides and what this is going to Do is it's going to help us get the Bromeline It's going to get the bromeline Production ready inside of the pineapple We're gonna let that sit for 10 minutes So that it can go ahead and start Getting the rolling action happening uh So that when we start cooking this Pineapple we will get the most amount of Bromelain to be able to help us with our Concoction while we're waiting for that To prep with the bromeline Salt extract we are going to go ahead And prep our other fruits we have an Orange and we have a lime we're going to Go ahead and slice that up and get it Ready so that we can put it inside [Music] And we're gonna use The Peels And the fruits of the oranges and the Lime so we're gonna slice it up kind of Thin and we're going to put that into Our boiling liquid as well

[Music] [Music] We're going to prepare our ginger as Well we're going to take a spoon and We're going to just scrape the skin of The ginger All right [Music] [Music] We're going to get all of that pulled Off really quickly All right after we have the ginger Prepped we're going to go ahead and cut It into small pieces so so that we can Get it [Music] Prepared for the boiling water Before we can get as much surface area As possible [Music] [Music] Thank you We're also going to include Peppercorns cloves Of cinnamon sticks And two work all right so we're going to Dump our water on this [Music] We're going to rinse the pineapple real Well [Music] We're going to rinse our pan real well All of that salt out of there [Music]

All right so we're going to get our ends For the pineapple [Music] All right and then we are going to take The Skins this is what we want four The skins And then we're also going to take Core as well because we can use the Inside the tea also [Music] Foreign So we're going to go ahead and get our Pineapple For eating [Music] Thank you [Music] And we're going to preserve that core Or RT All right inside our pot we're gonna do One gallon of distilled water you could Also do filtered water Spring Water Etc All right we're ready to make tea We're gonna put in our big chunky stuff Here [Music] All right we're going to go ahead and Put that on high and bring it up to a Boil [Music] We're going to put our Turmeric cloves and whole peppercorns

[Music] And we're going to have our cinnamon Sticks we're going to go ahead and break Those up [Music] Thank you [Music] And we are going to let this boil and Cook for 30 minutes Bring it to a boil Then cover it and let it simmer for 25 Minutes after it's boiling [Music] It's almost time to party Five minutes of boiling and we're gonna Strain it All right friends it is time to drain It's all done we're gonna go ahead and Strain it back into our gallon and we Can serve it uh hot or cold but if you Serve it hot uh it is going to do a lot Of other great things for your body and You can also serve it with some raw Honey to be able to help you as well now You fill up your gallon you can put it In the fridge for up to a week have a Blast today [Music] Thank you [Music] Drink one cup of this hot or cold every Single day add a teaspoon of raw local Honey and this will knock out Fresh pineapple skin tea

[Music] Thank you Slightly spicy Fresh [Music] Not bad at all a little bit of honey in The bottom And hot or cold every day [Music] Help with a lot of different Health Ailments it's ready for you to dive in And try today let me know what you think Down in the comments below if you've Tried this what's your favorite added Ingredients are and what you think of This particular recipe we'll talk to you Later


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