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Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress Review – Unboxing ◀️◀️◀️ GET THE BEST PRICE ON IT NOW -affiliate-
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A product review for the Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress Review – Unboxing . In this engaging video, I share with you an in-depth review and unboxing of the Classic Brands CoolGel Ultimate Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress, a popular choice for those seeking comfort and quality in their sleep. Join me as I delve into the unique features of this mattress, including its cool gel technology, ultimate memory foam comfort, and dimensions. This video is perfect for those considering purchasing a new mattress, particularly if you’re considering a memory foam or coolgel ultimate option. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, this mattress could be your ultimate solution for restful sleep. Don’t miss out on my honest review and firsthand experience with this top-rated Amazon product.


⏰ CoolGel Ultimate 14 inch memory foam mattress Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Introduction of the Classic Brands CoolGel 14 inch memory foam mattress
00:14 Mention of included quick open tool
00:16 Unboxing reaction
00:31 Discovery of included pillows
00:36 Review of mattress features
00:53 Noting the mattress cover accessibility
01:00 Remark on the unique textures on the cover
01:08 Experience with the memory foam rising slowly
01:19 Mention of quick decompression time
01:29 Immediate readiness for sleep
01:32 Discussion on typical memory foam smell
01:40 Comment on lack of smell for this particular mattress
01:46 About issues with strong odor in previous mattresses
01:53 Highlight on included pillows
01:58 Review of the pillows
02:06 Feeling the mattress
02:14 Comfort rating of the mattress
02:18 Appraisal of the pillow with shredded memory foam
02:30 Initial sleeping test
02:35 Surprise at the softness and flexibility of the mattress
02:39 Highlight on the firmness level of the memory foam
02:43 Discussing the layers and structure of the mattress
02:58 Second sleeping test
03:01 Affirmation of product satisfaction
03:07 Recap of what’s included in the Classic Brands CoolGel 14 inch memory foam mattress package
03:20 Final thoughts on Classic Brands CoolGel 14 inch memory foam mattress


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Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress Review


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[Music] The green cabbie product reviews Our queen size bed here is looking a Little empty so it's time for a new Mattress today we're going to jump into The Classic Brands cool gel 14 inch Memory foam mattress comes with a quick Open tool wow that is tight It's got some pillows Two pillows So I've owned several memory foam Mattresses in the past and I've never Actually had one that had a uh like a Slick knobbed bottom to make it so that It doesn't actually slide which is Pretty cool and it actually has a zipper For the entire outer case so that you're Able to unzip the cover and replace the Cover if need be which is pretty awesome I've never seen that before in another Memory foam mattress this one here is The cool gel ultimate and you see here There's a lot of texture on the cover It's super super soft it actually you Can feel the softness of the texture Where it changes And the memory foam comes up nice and Slow As you saw there was actually no wait Time for this to actually re-expand Sometimes it takes anywhere from an hour Uh to three hours for it to fully Decompress this mattress here actually Was fully ready to go within about five

Six seconds which is pretty awesome so You're ready to sleep another thing that I've noticed with this is a lot of times When you get memory foam mattresses There will be like a really strong smell When you have it you know when it's Fresh and it starts off gassing this one Here has absolutely no smell at all so It's nice and fresh and it's ready To go ahead and lay on I know our last Memory foam mattress uh when my wife uh Laid on it she actually got headaches And migraines because the smell was so Strong this one doesn't have a strong Smell mattress Header Oh yeah so this one is actually super Soft you can feel it conforming to the Body And this one's supposed to be a medium Firm but this actually feels really soft This would actually be really good for Side sleepers which I am and the pillow With the shredded memory foam actually Feels really really nice Oh yeah you can actually feel how it Conforms to the body in is super soft I love this one I love that this one actually even Cradles around my head without a pillow Which is pretty amazing usually with a Memory foam uh it's super firm this one Here actually feels really soft and it Comes back really nicely so this one

Here actually has three and a half Inches of the cool memory foam it has Cool foam below that and then it has a Firm foam base so this one here it Definitely feels really nice and it Actually conforms really well to the Body as you're laying on it this is Probably one of my favorite memory foam Mattresses that I've tried this is the Classic Brands 14 inch cool gel ultimate Memory foam mattress Not only do you get the mattress but you Also get two shredded foam memory foam Pillows super amazing definitely wants Me to go to sleep right now Click the link below now for the best Pricing grab your deal And enjoy your purchase [Music] Subscribe now [Music] Thank you


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