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TASTE TEST COMPARISON – Jolly Time Popcorn Big Cheez – KettleCorn – Blast O Butter

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A product review for COMPARISON Jolly Time Popcorn Big Cheez, KettleCorn and Blast O Butter. Dive into the world of popcorn flavors with me as I review the savory Big Cheez KettleCorn by Jolly Time. Ever wondered how it stacks up to other popcorn brands? This video will give you the answers. We’ll explore the taste, texture, and overall experience of this popcorn variant. I’ll also shed light on its nutritional content for all the health-conscious snackers out there. If you’re a popcorn lover looking for the perfect movie-time snack or you’re just curious about trying out new popcorn flavors, this review is for you. From the buttery goodness to the cheesy delight, get ready for an in-depth comparison of Jolly Time Popcorn’s Big Cheez KettleCorn. Don’t forget to subscribe for more product reviews and comparisons. Enjoy popping and happy snacking!

⏰ Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Introduction and Product Overview
00:05 Jolly Time Kettle Corn, Blast o Butter and The Big Cheese Kettle Corn
00:14 Discussion of Nutritional Facts
00:25 Examination of Packaging
00:33 Unpacking Instructions
00:45 Searching for Cooking Instructions
00:50 Discussion of Cooking Instructions
00:56 Explanation of Review Comparison
01:02 Progression to Taste Test: Blast o Butter
01:08 First Taste: Blast o Butter
01:15 Progression to Taste Test: The Big Cheez
01:19 First Taste: The Big Cheese
01:29 Examination of Cheese Covering
01:39 Summary of Taste: The Big Cheez
01:43 Progression to Taste Test: Kettle Corn
01:48 First Taste: Kettle Corn
02:00 Summary of Taste: Kettle Corn
02:11 Choosing a Favorite: Kettle Corn
02:14 Overview of All Flavors
02:28 Final Remarks and Price Information
02:38 Link for Best Pricing


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[Music] The green cabbie product reviews Today we're going to be trying Jolly Time kettle corn Blast of butter and the big cheese Catacorn says kinda sweet kinda salty Blast of butter says the ultimate Theater style butter and the big cheese Says ultimate cheddar They all pretty much have the same Nutritional facts except for the cheesy One has 10 less calories What's nice is if you decide to take it Out of the box they are all individually Labeled like you know some foods out There they have just this blank Packaging and you have absolutely no Idea what is inside so Looked everywhere in the Box I couldn't Find it but the cooking instructions are Inside the flap of the popcorn And it recommends anywhere between a Minute and 45 seconds to three minutes Depending on the wattage of your Microwave all right this is a review Comparison of the three once again we Got the blasto butter the big cheese and The kettle corn all right let's go ahead And start with the butter here Mmm all right so that one's got a good Crunch It is buttery slightly salty Not bad at all all right let's go ahead And try the big cheese here

It's really wrapped in cheese got lots Of cheese flavoring on there So also crunchy This one here Has a little bit Of a subdued flavor so it's not too over The top you can definitely taste the Cheddar it tastes nice but it doesn't Like smack you in the face Slightly salty good crunch I like that One all right let's see here We got the kettle corn Oh wow Wow so this one here That one has a really good crunch also So this one here is sweet a little bit Salty Oh yeah So out of the Blaster butter the big Cheese and the kettle corn I would have To say that the kettle corn is my Favorite this one here is a great Balance of sweet and salty the other Ones are good if you love cheese of Course you're going to dive into this One not too overpowering but it's got a Nice cheesy flavor and the blast of Butter definitely tastes like butter Popcorn From the theaters so yeah we definitely Say that out of the three we love the Kettle corn the best But they're all a good option and my son Definitely says that he likes the ghetto

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