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EVERY FLAVOR – Unboxing Gift A Snack Variety Pack 40 Piece Snack Box Review

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A product review for Gift A Snack Variety Pack 40 Piece Snack Box. Dive with me into the world of Amazon product reviews as we explore the 40 pack snack variety from Gift A Snack. This video is packed with mouth-watering content featuring snacks like Popcorners, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, Skinny Pop popcorn and much more. Perfect for kids’ lunches, after-school snacks, or just satisfying your own cravings, this snack variety box is a must-have for anyone who loves a good snack. I’ll take you through each product, offering my own personal insight and review. Not only will you get to see what’s inside, but also hear about the taste, quality, and overall value of these snack items. So, for anyone in search of the best variety snack pack on Amazon or interested in high-quality, delicious snack options, this video is for you! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more in-depth Amazon product reviews.

⏰ Gift A Snack Variety Pack 40 Piece Snack Box Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Gift A Snack Variety Pack 40 Piece Snack Box Introduction
00:06 What is a 40 pack gift a snack variety pack
00:15 First look at the snack package
00:22 Customer service details
00:26 Description of the contents of the package
01:14 Comments on the fruity snacks in the package
01:25 Introduction to Annie’s birthday cake bunny grams
01:37 Introduction to Quaker’s Chewy peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar
01:46 Introduction to Nature’s Made fruit and nut granola bars
01:58 Discovery of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
02:08 Description of Peanut butter crackers in the package
02:16 Discovery of airheads in the box
02:27 Discovery of laffy taffy in the box
02:35 Discovery of salted peanuts in the box
02:44 Discovery of Goldfish colors in the box
02:48 Discovery of Oreos in the box
03:00 Discovery of Apple cinnamon bar in the box
03:07 Discovery of Twizzlers and Dum-Dums in the box
03:20 Wrap up of the review
03:29 Opinion on the value of the snack package


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This is the 40 pack gift a snack variety Pack snack package we're going to dive Into this we're going to look at the 40 Snacks and we're going to try some my Son loved this this actually jumped out To him this box is glad to see you too Smiley face o this looks yummy this has All kinds of goodies in here all right Make me want to make it right if you Have an issue they're going to take care Of it all right so let's see what we got Inside we've got some sea salt PopCorners we've got some PopCorners Spicy quesa wow that looks good we have Some Famous Amos chocolate chips and Looks like we've got two bags of those That's awesome two bags of Famous Amos Chocolate chip cookies we've got skinny Pop popcorn we've got two bags of the White cheddar that looks nice oh some of My favorites all right so we got some Cheit white cheddar that's awesome we've Got some Sniders mini pretzel 100 calorie packs It seems like everything comes almost in Doubles let's see what else we got here We got cheex mix bagel chips my son and Wife love these that's going to be fun This is one of my favorites Pringles oh My gosh we could sit here all day and Eat this stuff what is this fruity Snacks natural and artificially flavored Fruity snacks those look good I have to See where those are from I love fruit

Snacks and gummies those are some of my Favorites these are actually some of my Favorites right here the Welch's fruit Snacks and this is my favorite the mixed Fruit I love these I could eat these all Day long also we've got some Annie Birthday cake bunny gram these are like Cookies and the Annie I don't know if You've had those before but the Annie Products are like uh healthier for you But still taste good all right oh my Gosh we got so much stuff in here we got Uh Chewy from Quaker it's a peanut Butter chocolate chip granola bar that Looks Awesome all right we got some Nature's Made oh these are delicious the fruit And nut and what I love about these Granola bars is that they are actually Soft when eating them so they're not Super duper crunchy I really like these Wow and I just found something new I Have never seen this before Kellogg's Rice Krispies rainbow that looks pretty Interesting I'm ready to dive into those All right we've got some toasty peanut Butter crackers and these actually look They look a little bit different I don't Know look look here they look a little Bit Different all right we have some fun Stuff here oh my goodness we've got some AirHeads we've got two Cherry AirHeads We've got a blue raspberry AirHeads a

Watermelon AirHeads seems like a summer Box here this is fun we also got some Laugh Taffy blue raspberry little Miniature ones single serving all right We've oh yes we've got some peanuts Salted peanuts two little party packs Here oh another Laffy Taffy yep Everything's coming in twos we've got Our goldfish colors colored goldfish That is fun I don't know if you ever had These as a kid but these are yummy oh my Gosh are we getting spoiled today we've Got regular Oreos and two packs of Double stuffed Oreos this is going to be Delicious all right we got a granola bar I used to eat these as a kid right here This is apple cinnamon for those of you Who love apple cinnamon neutr grain bars We got another chewy peanut butter so we Got two on that one we've got two of the Twizzlers this is the pool and peel that You pull them apart and eat them and Then we got two dumb Dums but we're not Dumb right nobody's dumb but these are Dum Dum suckers all right let's see if There's anything hidden on the bottom Nothing on the bottom but we do have a Full days worth of snacks look at all These snacks oh my gosh this is Definitely well worth the money Especially if you want to be able to Send a care package to somebody or if You just love tasting new snacks or Having a variety in your snacks this is

Great for kids lunches I'm super excited About this uh we got my son here at the House he loves snacks and so this is Going to give us the opportunity to be Able to spice it up a little bit in the Lunch box and after school snacks Definitely glad we were gifted this for A review these are going to look awesome We are super excited to Dive Right In


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