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Powerful and Eco-Friendly: Unboxing the Heavy-Duty Eco 5 FoodCycler

What I like about this so far it looks like it’s using all recycled packaging to. Now careful when pulling out the FoodCycler because it’s actually 31 pounds so it is kind of hefty But you know when Vitamix makes a product they always make it heavy duty So this one here is probably going to weigh a lot more than other competitors We’ve got our latch here in the front that locks it We have our top here It looks like it’s stainless steel We have the event top and this is the canister for the granules to be able to put in the filter granules We’ve got our power button here in the front Inside the top we had our power cable our first set of carbon charcoal granules that go in the top And it says beware they’re our blades and they’re sharp Wow now look at that That is super Heavy Duty

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And then we pull it up and then it has An air rated bottom so that it can go Ahead and send the smells through There that was definitely vacuum packed In there real tight look at all the Little charcoal pieces in there and then We're just going to go ahead and slide Our filter down inside it's ready for Operation now this lid uh is actually Got air rated filters in it and if you Open it up it's got a locking mechanism You see here it also has another filter Uh to make sure that you're not getting Bugs through and a bunch of smells Through so it's filtering here and then You also have the carbon filter in the Back so you just put this back on and You keep turning it until it locks and Then you have your lid that you just put On top there all right now it says that You can go ahead and put in most fruits And veggie scrats


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