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30 minute PORK SINIGANG – Asian Filipino sinigang na baboy Pressure Cooker Instant Ninja Foodi Recipe

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Quick and Easy Pork Sinigang Recipe

In this episode, learn how to make a quick and easy pork sinigang, a favorite Filipino dish. The host outlines a simple method using an instant pot, starting with pork, small tomatoes, garlic, onions, long beans, and bok choy. The recipe involves a straightforward process of prepping the meat and veggies, searing the meat, and then pressure cooking everything together. The host offers tips on adding ingredients like spinach or taro root and adjusting the sourness to taste. The final dish is ready to serve with rice, delivering a delicious and savory meal in under 25 minutes.

00:00 Introduction to Quick Pork Sinigang
00:23 Sinigang Ingredients and Preparation
01:21 Cooking the Pork
01:46 Prepping the Vegetables
03:45 Combining Ingredients and Cooking Sinigang
05:27 Final Touches and Serving Sinigang

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Recipe: Sinigang with Pork

6 pounds of pork (cut into 1.5-inch cubes)
Small tomatoes (halved)
Garlic (halved)
One onion (semi-thick slices)
Long beans (cut into 4 pieces)
Bok choy (halved and then halved again)
2 packs of sinigang mix
1-2 tablespoons of fish sauce (optional)

Optional Ingredients:

Taro root or potatoes (if available)
Spinach or Filipino leafy greens (if available)
Cooking Instructions:


Chop the pork into 1.5-inch cubes. Use 6 pounds if you prefer more meat, but 2-3 pounds is typical.
Halve the small tomatoes.
Halve the garlic cloves.
Cut the onion into semi-thick slices.
Cut the long beans into 4 pieces.
Halve the bok choy and then halve each piece again.

Initial Cooking:

Set the Instant Pot to “Sear/Saute” and click start. Cover the pork with water and bring it to a boil to remove the scum. After 10 minutes, drain and rinse the pork.

Cooking the Vegetables:

While the pork is boiling, prep your vegetables.
Once the pork is drained and rinsed, turn the Instant Pot back to “Sear/Saute” and add the pork back in.
Add the onions and garlic to the pot and cook until they are fragrant.
Add the bok choy at this stage if you like it cooked thoroughly.

Pressure Cooking:

Fill the Instant Pot with enough water to cover all the ingredients.
Ensure the lid is on and set the valve to “Seal.”
Set the Instant Pot to “Pressure Cook” for 25 minutes and click start.

Finishing Touches:

Once the pressure cooking is complete, manually release the pressure by turning the valve to “Vent.”
Add the long beans and halved tomatoes to the pot.
Turn the Instant Pot to “Sear/Saute” again and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.

Add the sinigang mix (1-2 packs depending on your preference for sourness) and stir well.
Optionally, add 1-2 tablespoons of fish sauce for additional flavor.


Serve hot with rice in a bowl.
Enjoy your delicious, quick, and easy Sinigang with pork!

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Today we're going to make a quick cagon With pork that you will love it's super Quick super easy my Filipino wife loves It and it is basically throw everything You got in there whatever you like and Enjoy it super super quick as opposed to Waiting hours to get it Done so today we're going to go ahead And uh throw in some of our pork we're Going to use small tomatoes because we Like the flavor as opposed to the big Roma tomatoes we got garlic we got a Happy onion here we also have some long Beans and some bok choy now at the end Of the process you can use either Spinach or you could use the little Green leafy tree vegetable that is like Spinach that they have in the Philippines we don't have either one of Those today so we're just going to be Using the bach Choy but like I said you Can use whatever you like you could also Put teror root or potatoes in there we Don't have any teror root on hand so Today we're going to work with what we Got and show you how to make it quick And easy so we chopped up our meat in About 1 and 1/2 in cubes we put 6 lbs of Meat because our son doesn't really like Too many vegetables but usually people Put around 2 or 3 lounds of meat we have Six in there chopped up ready to go now We're going to go ahead and hit the Power we're going to go ahead and put it

On Sear sauté And we're going to click Start and while this is heating up we're Going to go ahead and cover it with Water to go ahead and get the scum Off while that's cooking it's a good Time to go ahead and prep our veggies so With our Bok Cho we're going to go ahead And cut Those we're going to cut those in half And then we're going to cut them in half Again for our long beans we're going to Go ahead and cut those in 1 2 3 four Pieces for our garlics we're going to Cut all of our garlics in half and Usually if you were making the big Pot of cagon usually you would sauté Your onions and your garlic first but Since we're making it in the instant pot We are going to go Ahead and do it on the pressure cooker Setting to get all that flavor inside The broth now we're going to cut up our Onion make sure you don't cry during This process here the onions we do like To have semi thick slices to get that Flavor because they're nice and sweet After they're cooked okay these we going To chop up cuz this one was a little Thicker but after we cut them here we're Just going to cut them in half those are Ready for processing and then for our Baby Tomatoes we're going to go ahead and cut

Those in half so that we can get the Nice flavor out of these these here are Super tasty with lots and lots of flavor We used to make it with the Roma Tomatoes like a lot of people do but I Didn't really like that there wasn't a Lot of flavor when it actually went into The soup okay so it's been going for About 10 minutes and on the top that it Has quite a bit of the scum on top you See how it actually separates from the Meat so we're going to go ahead and Drain this rinse the meat and then we're Going to go ahead and go to our next Step which is super quick and easy now While we went ahead and let this happen We cut up all of our veggies and they Are ready to be able to go in and we Were able to clean up as well so clean Up as you go so you don't have a huge Mess when you're done now while we're Getting it set back up and back in there We're going to go ahead and turn the Power back on and this is only while We're getting everything set up we're Going to go ahead and put it back on Sauté and hit start and we're going to Go ahead and let it sauté while we put The water and the ingredients back Inside while it's heating back up we're Going to go ahead and throw our onions And our garlic in there make sure that Those are going to get cooked up real Good and many people would want to put

Their bok choy in the last part I like To make sure to cook this down real good Uh so we're going to go ahead and uh put It in during the cooking process and now We're going to go ahead and fill this With water some people also in this step Will put their Tomatoes I like to put Them towards the end so that I can get More of that flavor out uh but this is Is how we're going to do it today you Want to make sure that all your stuff in Here is covered while it is cooking so We want to make sure that it is Covered and it is ready to go and we Have a little bit of room in here so as It pressurizes it it will raise a little Bit we're going to go ahead and turn off The power we're going to come back up to The Top put on our pressure lid we're going To turn the seal to the seal section Where you have vent and seal we're going To make sure it's on the seal section We're going to turn it back On we're going to do pressure and we are Going to do for 25 Minutes and this is going to do the Heating up process and then 25 minutes Of cooking as well and then we're going To click Start when this is open and done we're Going to go ahead and put in our beans And our Tomatoes your time's ended you Come up to the seal and you go

Vent you let it vent until this little Tab goes down and then we can open it we Are ready to get this party started We're going to hit power we're going to Come back to it Power we're going to hit sear sauté and Start and now while it is doing that we Are going to come back And we're going to go ahead and add our Favorite friends now most people suggest Just one pack we like to add two packs Here in the house because our family Likes it's super sour so we're going to Go ahead and add this Now so we'll go ahead and put that in And then we'll mix it around now with This recipe many people also suggest one To two tablespoons of fish sauce as soon As the Mother-in-law or the aunties Leave I always try to hide this cuz I do Not like Fish so we're going to go ahead and stir This get the flavoring in there real Good looking good okay after we have That we're going to go ahead and put in Our long Beans and we're going to let these cook For about 2 to 3 minutes and we're also Going to throw in our Tomatoes like I Said I like to add my tomatoes at the End instead of in the beginning uh Because they're a lot more flavorful and They almost burst in your mouth with Good

Flavor but if you're using the Roma Tomatoes or you don't really like Tomatoes a lot you can add it in the Beginning and cooking it like this that It's pulled apart Tender now this is ready to Serve with some rice in a bowl Delicious quick and Easy I like bread my wife likes rice so I'm making rice right now


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