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In this video we demonstrate how to speed up my fire stick.  We had been searching for a while ways to speed up amazon fire stick and IMPROVE FIRE STICK performance. With this one simple trick you will learn how to make a fire stick run faster and eliminate buffering,   This also applies on how to make fire stick 4k faster, 

 We show you how to conduct a speed test for firestick before and after implementation of this tool.  Many times the answer to  why is my firestick slow is because the internet connectivity is poor either because of interference or distance connectivity. So get the tool that allows you to speed up firestick in 2019 and 2020 getting you a FASTER FIRESTICK experience! Never again will you inquire on how to fix your firestick from buffering because the info we are providing will speed up firestick streaming and teach you how to fix the buffering problem on your amazon firestick. 

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how to fix my firestick from buffering

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How to FIX Firestick Buffering

how to fix buffering on firestick

The answer to this quandry is the zedream firestick ethernet adapter.  The zedream ethernet adapter for firestick and fire tv will speed up your amazon fire stick.  Also the zedream ethernet adapter comes with built in usb adapters to allow you to power 3 other usb items all behind your tv.

Question:Can i use this if i need more storage on my fire 4k or firestick

Answer:yes you can use this to plug in a USB SSD disk, and play the video on your fire 4k

Compatible with Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design), and more

10/100M fast network

USB keyboards, USB mouse, USB hubs, USB Ethernet adapters, and even USB external storage all work perfectly with no extra effort or configuration

Include a 5 feet USB-DC power cable. Plug its USB A to your existing 5V charger, and DC power connector to HUB's DC-in port to power the HUB and your TV stick

Item includes: 1 x micro USB to OTG HUB & wired LAN, 1 x USB-DC power cable

Product description

By default, the Fire TV Stick automatically assigns itself an IP address via DHCP, so you likely won’t need to configure any settings, but the ability to manually configure the connection is available if it’s necessary for your particular network. Disconnecting the Ethernet cable will automatically switch the Fire TV Stick to WiFi, which is the same way the Fire TV box handles the two types of network connections, so you can easily switch between wired and wireless internet if necessary.

1 x Ethernet adapter + USB hub
1 x USB-DC power cable

Product information

Hey, thanks for joining me on this cold day. Today I'm going to be watching a bunch of streamed content, movies, videos and stuff online. And we're actually upgrading our fire stick a little bit to be able to have it run with a landline so that it's faster. So we're going to go ahead and show you our stats for our fire stick itself and then being able to have a landline adapter what it's running so we'll go and show you that now.

All right, we just did the speed test on our fire stick. This is what we're running right now on the Wi Fi is 38 megabytes download 33 megabytes upload. So let's go ahead and look at our adapter and get that all set up. Alright, we picked up the Zedream. Basically it's a cat five connector for your fire stick and it gives you the ability to run your lanline to it, to speed it up with your internet. So let me show you what you need. Right, so this is the unit here, it plugs into the side of the fire stick, you're able to run your lanline through the front, and then it also has some USB power thing. 

So if you're running anything behind your TV that needs a USB, you can go and plug it in. This is the power cable that it comes with. You can either plug this into a USB connector in the back of your TV, if you don't have one.  Then you're able to use one of the ones for like your cell phone. Just plug that into the wall, plug in this and then the power cable goes right into the side of your adapter here, like so. All right, this is the setup. I'm going to run on mine because I don't have a USB in the back of my TV. So I've got the power adapter plugging into the unit itself. The unit itself plugs into your fire stick, which is right here. And we'll go ahead and plug it in.
and test the speed. 

All right, we have it plugged in to our fire stick. Then we take our cat five line or landline. And we're going to plug it into this unit here.  All right, we're ready to rock and roll. Alright, we're going to go ahead and try out the analytic app and see how we're doing. Alright, so we're testing the download speed now. So remember, we were running 30 something on the download on the Wi Fi. Now on the download with the cat five line, we're running 96 megabytes a second and on the Upload 91 megabytes a second. So being able to use this adapter that we just got. We're almost able to get three times the speed, being able to connect it to our cat-5 lanline.

Our  cat five line. So this is definitely going to speed up our ability to watch videos do streaming and stuff like that. So hopefully this was informative. If it was smack that thumbs up will leave a link down below if you want to check one of these out but running a adapter to be able to plug it into your fire stick with your landline or your cat-five line is going to really speed up your streaming and give you better, more resilient streaming. You're going to be able to get less buffering, smoother streaming, and as you see almost three times the speed so pretty awesome.

The design is simple and easy to use.  This completely removed the buffering from watching movies on the firestick. This is easy to connect and use. It has a long enough power cord to deal with an outlet or USB plug that is not right at the site. It is easy to use and no configuration required. essentially plug and play.

Amazon Fire TV FireStickCategory 5 cable


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