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We just picked up the new rosmarus office chair and show you the assembly instructions.  The rosmarus office chair assembly takes about 5-10 minutes with the right tools.  My son has been trying to commandeer my office chair for some time.  Now when he grows into a gaming chair finatic or needs a desk chair for his school work we are covered.  I will never have to fight over the  swivel chair or computer chair,again!

We were looking into an Ergonomic chair for our next home office chair since we have people with back pain in the family.  This particular model looked like a well constructed office chair for back problems.  Once we put it together we realized that this home office chair for back pain just might be the one option we were seeking.  Rosmarus ergonomic chair office syle is cheap, durable and easy to put together.  When looking on amazon we searched office chair for backpain and this one popped up.  In this video we show you how to setup an ergonomic chair.  

This will be the last ergonomic office swivel chair you will probably ever need. There are over 10,000 ergonomic chairs on amazon and with all the features the Rosmarus boasted we were surprised of its affordable price and durability.  This ergonomic office chairs mesh seat is cradled by an almost completely metal frame.  Most of the metal is 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick, iI mean heavy duty! Check out this amazon prime ergonomic office chair to see if you like it as well!

  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Movable double back support moves along with the movement of the body to help keep your spine and your body properly aligned. W-shaped seat cushion fits your hip curve to reduce weight pressure. Open mesh design creates a breathable, well-ventilated backrest. Keeping your body sweat-free while sitting for a long time.
  • 【FULLY ADJUSTABLE】Pull up and down on the pneumatic control handle, ergonomic office chair seat can be adjusted from 14 to 17 inches high. The handle also controls the tilt of chair back from 90 to 130 degree, from rocking back and forth to not rocking at all. Headrest adjustable freely. Help you keep in the most suitable sitting position.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY SWIVEL CHAIR】Offering a versatile range of motion, the ergonomic chair swivels 360 degrees. The chair base is made of nanoscale high density plastic, its durable casters allow for smooth-rolling mobility from your office to meeting room.
  • 【SGS CERTIFICATION】SGS certificate for gas lift and tilt mechanism, make sure your safety while using chair. A series of testing to ensure the quality and durability. Maximum capacity of 280 lbs.

Product description

Ergonomic High-back Executive Chair
A professional ergonomic office products supplier that dedicated to provide a full range of life space solutions to global consumers.
Whether you're responding to emails, evaluating reports, or brainstorming with colleagues, the Rosmarus ergonnmic office chair provides not only sleek, professional style, but also sophisticated support for all-day comfort.

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Size about chair
* Size pure manual measurement with slight error
* Box size (W x D x H): 26 x 29 x 13inches
* Backrest (W x H): 19.6 x 24.8 inches
* Seat cushion (W x D x H): 19.6 x 19.6 x2.7-3.5 inches
* Base Diameter: 24.4 inches
* Armrest (D x H): 13.7~11.8 inches
* Item weight: GW.: 40Lbs. NW.:37.8 Lbs.

What's in the Box
1 Rosmarus ergonomic chair
1 L-wrench and 3 spare screws
1 Product information and instructions


Question:What is the thickness of the cushion?

Answer:It's a decent thickness. I'm not at home at the moment to give an exact measure but I can tell you that I'm 6'1, 275 pounds, I've sat in the chair for probably 150 hours and it hasn't deflated a bit. It's very comfortable and holds up well.
By Terry pitti on September 19, 2019

Question:How tall are the arm rests on this chair?

Answer:They are 28" from the ground when the chair is fully raised, and about 8" above the seat. The arm rests are bolted to the seat and back.
By Lana Farmer on September 20, 2019

Question:Can the backrest be adjustable? Can I lock backrest in inclined positions?

Answer:Yes, the backrest can be adjustable, you can locked the positions as your prefer.
By Phyllis Lane on September 21, 2019

Question:What is the maximum weight capacity of this chair?

Answer:280 pounds.
By Anazom Customer on September 23, 2019

Question:Is the chair breathable?

Answer:The seat cushion is really breathable and the mesh surface of seat promotes this.
By D peluso on September 24, 2019
Question:What tools are required to build the chair?
Answer:Everything you need comes with it! L wrench and all!! Great chair-I use it daily-very durable and comfortable!! Put it together in 15 minutes.
By brian vasquez on September 26, 2019
Question:How are the wheels on carpet?
Answer:The best one I have tried, can swivel 360-degree. And the wheels/wheel are aligned it isn't tricky.
By Amazon Customer on September 27, 2019
Question:Is the double back lumbar support adjustable?

Answer:Yes, the double back will adjust to your sitting position to better fit your back, and the headrest can adjust too.
By Amazon Customer on September 25, 2019


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Greetings on this cold cold day you see I got the house code on Today, I am going to be putting together a new office chair. My son has been trying to come into your mind wanting to spin around and always sit down when I'm trying to do some work on the computer. So now we have two office chairs. We're going to go ahead and put this together do a quick review. Thanks for watching. All right, brand rose Morris. It's an ergonomic chair. comes in at 40 pounds inside the box. One thing I think is really funny. Their slogan is long time sit no tired. It's made in China.

One of the hardest parts about quitting Anything together is unboxing it because that's going to take the most time you want to make sure that you don't damage anything was pulling it out, you want to check for damage, make sure that you have all the pieces you need before you put it together so that if it's damaged, you can easily send it back. Let's pull everything out and I'll show you what we
got. All right, we got the user manual here. Once again, long time sit, no tired. ergonomic chair. It's got the instructions here. So this is a basic chair assembly and shows you how to put it together we're going to do step by step. These are the parts that it comes with. So we got the base, we got the wheels, we got the arms, the back as well as the seat and the mechanism that makes it work. It does come with an Allen wrench, but if you do that it's going to take you twice to three times the amount of time to put it together. We use an impact and the size for the one that you're going to need is three sixteenths allen wrench.

The box itself was a little banged up.  Looks like this one came a little bit discombobulated, it also comes out with an Allen wrench, we're going to see if we can reconnect it without having to turn it back in. But basically, what you have here is a each one of these sides fits into a hole, the spring goes on this back edge here. So let's see if we can pop that together so it'll be easy install and don't get scared. If you're looking for all the bolts they are all pre installed on the base cushion. So basically you just take them out, put on the pieces where they go, put them right back in, right so we found the best way to do this is pull off the top spring. There is a nut on the back, undo the nuts so this will come off and then we can easily attach it where it goes.  

Alright, we got it back up and ready to go. Now we can go ahead and re attach it to the back
All right, ready go fully functional pressure push him into he told.  Flip it over,
stick it inside this guy here. When this extends this whole thing comes up with all right first we want to attach the main mechanism. Like I said you pull out pull out the bolts. And this is going to be the front, you're going to have your adjuster wheel towards the front. Line up your holes.
What you want to do is you want to pre thread them about three to four threads down to make sure that they're going in there straight so you don't strip them when using your impact. So we're going to install our homes now.

Once again, you want to pre thread screws a couple to make sure that you don't strip the threads. If you strip the threads, you're going to be really unhappy. We're going to do this for both going to pre threat them a couple threads to make sure that we don't struggle So now we're going to go ahead and put this on the base and then we're going to attach the headrest. All right, you see inside there, there's where we're going to attach the headrest. So we just slide the headrest in, put it where we want it
and we're going to attach this through the other side and tighten it till we like it. Last but not least, you can put on the designer music caps. So, pop it in and it's ready to go.  

All right, this is the completed project came together pretty nicely takes about five to 10 minutes to put it together takes longer to unbox it.  Alrighty, live nice and smooth. Almost makes you feel like you're a kid again. What do we think is it nice thumbs up or thumbs down. All right on the left hand side, it's got the lever. You pull it up and the back will go forward and You have the button here where you can go up or down and remember the mechanism I told you about will make it go up or make it go down by using this lever here as well.


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