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Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area Review – Holiday Inn Stone Oak Room Tour Walkthrough

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00:00:19 – Holiday Inn Room Tour
00:04:56 – Holiday Inn Out side Room Short Tour
00:06:31 – Holiday Inn Pool Tour
00:05:00 – Holiday Inn Parking Area
00:08:35 – Room jacuzzi pool

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Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area Review






Thank you so much for checking out our Holiday Inn Stone Oak room tour walkthrough. I visited this hotel for the first time recently and fell in love with it. If you need a place to rest after a day of traveling, this Holiday Inn is the perfect location. Please enjoy this Holiday Inn Stone Oak room tour walkthrough and let us know what you think of this video. Don’t forget to tell us what you loved, or what you overlooked so that we can work on our Holiday Inn Stone Oak room tour walkthrough.

There are several great places to go stay in San Antonio. Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area has been around for years and has turned into one of the most popular hotels in the city. This video will walk you thru our Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area hotel room to give you the 411 on this popular hotel. Please join us and leave your comments after viewing this video. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences concerning Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area.

Thank you for checking out our Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area Review! In this video, we will be touring inside the Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area. If you are thinking about staying at this Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area, this video will give you a virtual tour of each room, so you can get an idea of where your room will be located. We toured the entire Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area, so you can learn more about this Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area. We hope you enjoyed our Holiday Inn San Antonio North Stone Oak Area review!.

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We're staying at the Holiday Inn San Antonio north Area Right inside the door we have A refrigerator Full refrigerator no freezer We have a microwave a Keurig and we have Two coffees with two coffee cups Inside the door We have an iron a full ironing board we Have the luggage cart as well as the Safe on the floor Got a welcome bag we're gonna open that In a minute inside the bathroom We've got two lights double vanity we Have dove Bar soap Little Baby Dove shampoo Body wash and conditioner we have a Dryer We have a soap container with two Two hand towels a washcloth two towels Here and then we have one full towel Here We do have the shower curtain that comes Out to give you extra room We have the Full size Tub The shower head is kind of short I'm 6'4 This one here is about six foot it does Have the emergency bar the fall bar in There so you can get up or not fall it Does have

A little holder for your soap we have a Little bitty elongated toilet uh you see Here how it kind of Scoops in a little Bit so that there's for the smaller high Knees Uh we got two rolls of toilet paper and Some tissues to blow your nose or extra If you run out of toilet paper And we have a trash can right here one Thing that I love that you don't see Very often we have a fan Inside the Hotel so it will not be stinky in here All right we've got a full-size mirror Here so you can get beautiful for your Night out And we have a a seating area here it's Got two cushion chairs it has a little Eating table with an ice bucket Oh no the lid's coming off ah and we Have uh two drinking cups there We have a leather seating area chair Here and Uh Ottoman which is pretty cool wow this is This is actually pretty spacious and we Got a little bitty Jet tub here definitely one person tub That's right you might have to you know Put your legs to your chest to fit in There but it's got some Jets so we're Gonna have some fun and the hotel also Has a pool and a Jacuzzi so we'll have To check that out we've got a nightstand With an alarm clock

We have A lamp it's got one plug here on and off Switch We have a nightstand Nothing in the nightstand all wood We've got the king size bed and they do Offer rollaways free of charge if you Ask We have a pretty soft bed but thankfully I did bring the backup memory foam Topper it's got four pillows on the bed We have the soft and a firm the soft one Feels like a goose down pillow which is Pretty nice we have a 32 inch TV with A dresser four drawers Put your clothes if you're staying here More than one day we also have a nice Little bench also allows you to be able To put your suitcase there so you can Open it it doesn't fall over and not Only that but we also have a desk and Another chair this is crazy so we got Another seating chair We've got a desk with a swivel office Chair Pretty soft We've got the phone over here We've got our internet plug an Additional plug and two more plugs on The lamp right there and this room does Have two nightstands so that one Person's not throwing their stuff on the Floor and this lamp has two plugs and an On and off switch and four plugs behind

The nightstand that's amazing uh we do Have two ACS because I guess this is a Bigger room so we make sure that we stay Nice and cool during the summer weather And then we have a view Of the highway but thankfully we are Pretty far back off the highway So uh hopefully we won't be hearing the Cars in the middle of the night now let Me tell you this uh we actually came From this little road right here when You're coming right down Redland Road Make sure you pay attention to your GPS Because there's a little tiny sign and a Little tiny driveway and if you are not Paying attention You're gonna miss it I was paying Attention and I missed it and we had to Turn around and look for it but yeah and Then it comes up like this steep little Hill and then the driveway To the entrance down below uh eight O'clock at night right in front if you Look out right there this is Six Flags And you will see the fireworks show Every single night at 8pm and it's like Four or five minutes long so it's pretty Awesome you can check it out and have Some fireworks before New Year's or Fourth of July a little piece of art Here we've got two pieces of art here We've got a beautiful wife there hi and We got another Mirror here so if you got a whole bunch

Of people in here getting ready trying To look beautiful you got mirrors all Over the room It's time to have fun all right inside The welcome bag we got a little bitty Water and what else did we get and Little bitty crackers we got peanut Butter sandwich crackers right you come Over here to get into the pool Go ahead and unlock the door And push We have an indoor pool here And we have A Jacuzzi right there [Music] All right we also have Some towels ready for use we've got some Loungers and it's nice and quiet not Like our last day where people had boom Boxes outside uh this one here is five Foot deep and the jacuzzi Is three foot six inches what do you Think Mama Here we also have a shower head and Shower So you can shower off when you're done [Music] And we also have the workout center here Some Dumbbells And some Equipment also have a bathroom All right this is a wet room so that's Good and we have a sink toilet paper

Paper towels and a little bitty trash Can We approve Parking lot in the back is a really well Lit so you don't have to worry about Anything happening to your car there's a Back entrance here in the back right Next to the pool Nice little gated seating area here I Guess this is probably the smoking area And you have access to the pool and to The hotel here and it looks like you can Also see the fireworks from Sea World up In the distance as well And this right now is at 10 40. so I Guess you can get fireworks at eight O'clock and 10 40 right there in the Center look at that All right so the shower pressure's not Very good but boy the water pressure in This jacuzzi tub is nice it's time for a Bubble bath Let me tell you this thing here is about Three feet wide so I was up in here like A chipmunk last night it did feel nice Having some extra Bubbles and heated Water but uh it was uh kind of small for Anyone who is not A Nine-year-old now my son he enjoyed it What'd you think did you like the Jacuzzi boom he enjoyed it he was laying Out long ways but uh yeah for the adults It was kind of hard


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