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Holiday Inn Express and Suites Dallas Cockrell Hill Review – Holiday Inn Express Cockrell Hill room

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Holiday and Express and Suites here in Dallas kochner They do have security all the way around So they have uh security cameras Monitoring 24 7. and they also block off Some parking spaces in the back so you Don't park here because we can't really Monitor over there And they have doors All the way around that you can get into Pretty easily so that's nice their pool Closes at 12 30 and there Workout center fitness center is open 24 Hours Their back door you do need to use your Key card to get in and you can actually See all the way straight through to the Front entrance as well the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Pretty new setup here Up here they do have some nice wall Sconces and wallpaper We're going to be staying in the Dallas Holiday Inn Express and Suites on Cockrell Hill Room 401. I think inside the door we do have a Full iron and ironing board also the bag Rack so that you can open up your Suitcase and get to it we have three six Hangers inside of the little cubicle

Closet here inside of the little vanity Suite here we have a microwave which I Always love with Holiday Inn Express it Has mama's favorite the Keurig and we Also have a couple of coffees we have The breakfast blend And the Decaf coffee we have the ice bucket and Four cups and in the refrigerator It oh it's got a freezer inside freezer Full refrigerator and door so that is Nice and we also have a little bar sink We have a full length mirror here so That you can go ahead and get ready Starting off in the room we do have a Sconce here that does have two plugs Which is nice we also have a full desk With a phone a pen and a paper and we Have two plugs on the wall and one Additional plug on the lamp so basically We've got five plugs right here which is Awesome uh we've got a office chair That's pretty soft and a full-size trash Can which is nice this one here is a King sweet so it has a sitting chair it Has a lamp with one more plug we have a Queen size pull out sofa here and table Has a nice little bar Divider here where you can go ahead and Hold some stuff Uh we have lamps on either side both Lamp has an on and off switch with two Plugs so it looks like we got a ton of Plugs here we have an alarm which I hate

Alarms but it's always good to have just In case you need it And we have an easy Glide drawer On the king-sized bed we have four Pillows looks like we have a Soft and firm and the first one is a Goose down pillow so that is nice The bed itself actually feels really Firm thankfully I've got the back up Memory foam topper to throw up on there We have a Regular TV here probably about a 32 inch With a remote looks like we have DirecTV Which is pretty cool Uh we've got extra stuff just in case You need it so they got toothbrushes Razors all that kind of good stuff we do Have storage there's two drawer chest Storage here which is an easy Glide Actually it's a three just storage and We have an additional seating chair wow That's nice Oh and that one is super soft and it has Memory foam right next to the memory Foam chair we also have another end Table a little table here we've got some Nice art inside another lamp and the AC Is here uh And the digital thermostat is on the Other side by the entrance We have sprinklers all throughout and we Also have carbon monoxide detectors Inside which is nice and the bed has a Leather backing nice soft back on it so

That you can go ahead and sit up and Read some books relax do some studying On your iPad or your tablets or you can Look at Instagram flipping through your Phone All right so looking outside of the Window looks like we have an extra space Storage behind us And the highway is on the other side and What we actually liked about Dallas is It's got all kinds of like pretty Looking buildings over there Definitely got some money here in Dallas That's for sure Um but what I love is actually we're Going to be able to get a parking space Right outside our window so we'll be Able to see our car which is pretty cool And it looks like since we are on the Back side of the building uh we won't be Disturbed by the highway which I love Because uh one of the other hotels we Stayed at we were on the front side of The building and my wife could not sleep At all that night A wifey approval on this one she said It's very nice made an amazing Discovery This Holiday Inn Express has memory foam Pull outs I have never in my life seen Memory foam pull outs inside the bed I Think our son is going to sleep better Than we do tonight All right inside the bathroom this is Actually the probably the nicest display

Of towels I have ever seen in any hotel So look we got our hand towels here You see there like little Floral Design We've got the floral design of the Tissues the floor design of the hand Towel here we've got two shower towels Another hand towel with a little design There that is amazing I love that we Also have uh the shower rod that comes Out so that gives you more room inside The shower and my wife's favorite is the Dove we got the Dove Body Wash shampoo And conditioner they got all three today And let's see what we got here so this Here is actually kind of a short shower Head it's got a couple of different uh Options in here but this one here is Probably six foot so I'm going to be Ducking to get inside of this one it Does have Uh A little ledge here for your bar of soap And it does have a safety bar so that You can help yourself get up out of the Bath or make sure you don't fall getting Out now underneath we do have an extra Trash can they have a hair dryer another Full towel and two rolls of toilet paper And they even folded the toilet paper Here as well they have a dove bar soap They're all dubbed out here in this Hotel I can see my wife jumping for joy with That and they have a really nice

Sink here this is really nice looks like They got pretty all right I'm taking Back the luggage carts now a little Bitty luggage carts we had to get two Usually we just put everything on one Luggage cart Two big wheels in the back two small Ones in the front you can hang a little Thing here Uh it's pretty lightweight Four floors in this one here we're Staying on the top this time Go down to one Super slow As it goes down downstairs by the Elevator they do have a male and female Restroom With a little seating area down there as Well you have the fitness center which Is 24 hours it's got a couple of stuffs In there cool till midnight On checkout day we discovered that they Do have one regular baggage cart uh Inside the hotel but apparently the one That they had was missing when we came At two o'clock in the morning so now When we check out we get to fill it with All of our bags and don't have to take Two carts inside of the pool area they Do have a bathroom They have a cool jacuzzi Nice and hot They also have an indoor pool We were going to shoot this last night

But there was somebody who had a big old Speaker set up tons of people in the Pool tons of people in the jacuzzi so we Didn't get to enjoy it but this one here Is nice and hot and running and a Beautiful indoor pool but just to know The pool is not heated it was super cold My son was swimming around last night But I only went Waist Deep because it Was super chilly And they also have towels down here Clean towels dirty towels and you do the Key card reader you want to make sure You put it in and then you got to pull The handle up not down breakfast area Full breakfast I was kind of sad because They didn't have Bagels but they did Have you know sausage bacon all that Kind of stuff seating area with a TV Nice seating area here And they have a business center that has Two computers that you can go ahead and Use Right next to the front lobby downstairs Bathroom near the lobby is pretty nice Got some nice sinks trash it's got a Urinal changing station and a super Large area for The throne be careful not to fall asleep In here though it is a little dim On checkout day we discovered that they Do have one regular baggage cart uh Inside the hotel but apparently the one That they had was missing when we came

At two o'clock in the morning so now When we check out we get to fill it with All of our bags and don't have to take Two carts


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