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Texas State Fair Dallas TX – Texas State Fair Rides – Texas State Fair Food Tour TX

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Thanks for checking out the Texas State Fair Dallas TX blog posting today. This posting outlines the monthly activities and events that take place at the Texas State Fair in Dallas. This Texas State Fair Dallas TX blog posting will help anyone who is planning on attending the fair to find hotel accommodations and event information. We will also be listing out some of the best stores to visit if you are shopping while you are in the community. This Texas State Fair Dallas TX blog posting will be packed full of information about the events and happenings at the fair. Now that you are ready to plan a trip to Dallas, here is a more in depth Texas State Fair Dallas TX blog posting.

Thank you for joining me in today’s free TX State Fair Dallas Tour. Our TX State Fair Dallas ride line up starts at the midway, roller coasters, and rides. Then we head to the actual food booths. As we care about your stomach and yours only. So make sure you bring your appetite. Who knows, you might even find your next great recipe. If you would like to create your website plan, we have just the thing for you. We have a Texas State Fair Dallas TX – Texas State Fair Rides – Texas State Fair Food Tour TX tutorial video to make this process easy. There is a little something for everyone. This Texas State Fair Dallas Tour is free, drink water and have fun. Thanks for watching Business turtle.

The 2018 Texas State Fair is officially going on right now. In this video, we will take you through the gigantic selection of food that will be available at the Texas State Fair this year. We are specifically talking about the 2018 Texas State Fair food tour TX. During this Texas State Fair Food Tour TX, we give you the inside scoop on the best ways to attack the food at this popular annual Texas fair. Now that you found the best Texas State Fair Food Tour TX, hopefully you will come back every year. The 2022 Texas State Fair is and will always be the best. There is just something about the fair food that makes it taste better every year. If you thank you never go back every year. Also, please come back tomorrow and every day after to follow our channel. Thanks for watching, have a nice weekend!

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Today we are at the Texas state fair now When you come in uh you can come in on South Haskell 925 South Haskell they Have Premier Parking where you're able To go ahead and enter through a red arch Right up here on the right if not you Have to drive all the way back to a Tower it's half the price but then you Have to take a tram to get in to the State Fair Premium parking 40 bucks and then you Have the entrance right there on the red Entrance so you have the red entrance Here you come in do your security check And then you can get your tickets right Behind it Now if you want to go ahead and get in And out privileges you get your tickets And then they will go ahead and put a Stamp on your hand if you want to go out And come back later since they are open Until 10 30. you can come and Buy Coupons with credit card here or you can Go to the boots and inside of the park And you can go ahead and pay cash if you Want [Music] So we're a deep fried love and this is The deep fried chocolate tres leches 14 bucks and we also got the award Winner Cha cha Chata for 16 on here really Chocolatey it's got some fruit inside Um for somebody who's a chocolate lover

What do you think Mama It is good me I didn't really love that One too much Um it is really chocolatey so if you Love chocolate you're probably gonna Really enjoy that it does have some Cream on top it's got lots of lots of Fruits so if you like fruit also looks Like it's got some caramel some peaches Some strawberries so um it's a pretty Good option but I didn't love that one Very much inside this guy here you've Got horchata which is pretty good Can drink it through the straw it's Super creamy it's got a little bit of a Churro on there [Music] So the churro doesn't have a lot of Sugar on it Um it's okay it's really really bready Like a churro is but it's not chewy it's Not like melty in your mouth it's okay I Could use a little bit more cinnamon and Sugar on it but it's it's okay decent Here we have a little bit of like a ball Of like funnel cake Not super sweet It's pretty tasty All in all this one here is uh pretty Filling Um mostly a drink you can enjoy the ball And this here dip it in there to get a Little extra flavor It is kind of tasty

But you have to ask is it worth sixteen Dollars Today we're going to try the lobster dog From The corn dog stand it's the state fair Corn dog stand It's got a fried outside So you taste the regular Cornbread outside kind of like a corn Dog which is pretty good it's soft on The inside almost tastes like stuffing a Little bit I have a little bit of a fishy taste to It Um it's it's okay it's pretty good they Also have a aioli that you can dip it in And some ketchup as well if you want to Go and try that Warm it's gooey on the inside a little Bit sweet I'd give it a half though it is a little Bit better when you dip it in ketchup The ketchup actually brings out a little Bit of the flavor a little bit more Sweetness so I did enjoy it a little bit More with ketchup it is a little bit Squishy on the inside what did Mama Think Mama loves it Mama says eight out of ten I give it About a seven out of ten and the little One gave it a zero out of ten The fried Tres Leches and the Cha-cha-cha came from deep fried love

Ranchero and right across the way came The lobster corn dog from the footlong State Fair corn dog stand Foreign [Music] Explosion nachos but we listened to a Lot of other people who had gotten this And we asked them to see if they could Divide it up so the chicharrones weren't Soggy when we ate them so it actually Has some meat here it's got some pulled Pork it's got pico de gallo jalapenos Cheese nacho cheese and sour cream you Excited mama So with the chicharrones the nacho Cheese is actually quite tasty and the Pulled pork is super delicious it's Sweet Um it is a little bit salty very very Good and then the brisket that they have Here uh is a little bit salty it's Pretty tender when you eat it so like it Just falls apart it's pretty tender I think Mama tasty rooms they actually Have seasoning on top Um so it actually has some pretty good Flavor on just the chicharones by Themselves now this little get up here Is a little bit reminiscent of being on Keto the meat chicharones using his Chips it's not bad [Music] It's got a pretty good crunch [Music]

Got the nacho cheese and the regular Cheese [Music] Look At Me Mama [Music] I see you so all in all it was uh pretty Good uh I would give it probably an Eight out of ten what would you give it Mama One thing uh the some of the skin ones Are super duper hard so hard that they Might even crack a tooth I got through Some of them and I had to put them to The side because they were hard so you Want to look for the ones that are like Spread out a little bit Um nacho cheese was really good we loved The pulled pork was phenomenal brisket Was okay but it was a little bit salty And we mixed the pico de gallo with the Sour cream that came out real nice but We didn't want to touch the jalapenos on A hot day [Music] The building with a bathroom there is a Virtual Fair of people selling different Things knickknacks special gadgets and Stuff like that so it's pretty fun they Got one side here and the other side on The other side the bathroom building is Fully aced so if you need to cool off a Little bit it's really really nice [Music] They have the butter sculpture of Big

Tex [Applause] Put on by Southwest Dairy Farmers and It's got a lot of the different Iterations of Big Tex in previous years The Embarcadero building Has AC and cold bathrooms [Music] Love here that you see how they have Converted your shipping containers into Little food serving boots and they've Got one here one there and they also Have them over here as well that's Pretty awesome Let's try the deep fried lasagna rolls And Gourmet Royale 20 bucks [Music] Foreign [Music] Ahead and got the lasagna roll the Strawberry roll and a water now just Beware that this one right here doesn't Give you the best customer service so Make sure that you're on par for that And we're gonna go ahead and try it now And see how it is Here we have the deep fried strawberry Roll What do you think Okay Funnel cake all right it's got Strawberries it's got breading it's got A little bit of a cream sauce

That's pretty good it's got the fake Strawberries on it it does taste a Little bit like funnel cake it's a Little bit thicker Um super sweet if you like sweet things It's pretty good uh I would get it again We have the deep fried lasagna roll it's Got some marinara sauce on the side it's Got crispy breading on it right there And it has a couple of Looks like chicken but we'll have to try Out and see what that is all right so You see it's got a thick breading on These outside for the deep fried lasagna Roll it's got the lasagna on the inside It's got a lot of cheese in there dip it In [Music] It oh wow so that is Hardy Mama's gonna like this too Really good it's got a nice crunchy Outside [Music] It's got the layers of noodles on the Inside with the cheese dip it in Marinara sauce really really good I Definitely give that one a thumbs up Find out what these things are here I Don't know what that is I don't know what that is it's okay it Tastes like maybe like a deep-fried Zucchini or something like that Mama Says that she really likes it too it's Kind of meaty got a little bit of meat

In there we would definitely both get That again we give it a thumbs up but I'll tell you what their customer Service it does leave something to uh Desire so uh that was actually the first In line and the lady told me sir the Line's over here you need to get over Here so I went to the back of the line Like oh I'm sorry but yeah so the food Is much better than the customer service All right right here we got the sweet Bacon Bay bacon it is a Twinkie wrapped In bacon wrapped in funnel cake with Powdered sugar on top with bacon [Applause] Oh it's got funnel cake it's got Powdered sugar it's got bacon it's salty And sweet sweet Soup I love it wow [Music] So good we had to go get another one Sweet bacon bacon it's delicious [Music] Come through all the food we have now Entered The ride section And where we have rides all the way Around we are going to experience the Haunted house And we see the Tater twisters and Broccoli Bonanza All right let's go experience this and See how it is [Music]

Thank you [Music] Oh that feels nice [Music] Foreign [Music] What'd you guys think was that the Scariest ride ever No thumbs down oh no These giant grills Right here There's a whole lot of turkey legs The Jukebox music fun house Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Beach Party ride [Music] What we've been looking for the bubble House because the carpet bagger got to Riding and my son loves The Carpetbaggers videos so we're gonna get Up there and we're gonna soak our shoes With Bubbles at the end [Music] Oh my gosh that is crazy Oh my gosh [Music] [Music] Oh they're making the bubbles they're Making the bubbles [Music] Oh here it comes

[Music] Oh my God whoa whoa oh my God Ah security [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Come on All right all right we gotta look at our Shoes here yeah look at our shoes It looks as good as a carpetbagger what Do you think Alexander did you have fun yeah my kind Of rides right here All the little bitty ones potato ride Okay Mama Foreign [Music] Are the rides that I love Really close to the ground and not too Fast [Music] Foreign [Music] This was one of carpetbagger's favorite Dark ride ride so we're gonna go and Have to do this one here Dark Ride [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Zoo they've got cows and water buffalo They got animals of all shapes and sizes You can feed them and pet them The miniature horses Super cute guys there over here feeding Horses Mama you found a friend Her cow's just relaxing [Music] Oh he's super cute hey baby yes Oh saying Hi friend don't drop the cup Buddy Oh my gosh she's so hungry [Music] Two Goats everywhere but the sign says Beware do not feed fingers to goats [Music] Hi spy Texas Explore the home of big text it's got a Lot Of lock here inside that you can check Out With facts different things to do Is how a log is cut into different Boards [Music] We've got Mama and Son over here Learning some facts Brand new baby chicks [Music]

Little baby cow I've never seen that one Little baby cow they're all two days old Foreign [Music] Well done [Applause] [Music]


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