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Din Tai Fung San Diego Westfield UTC Review & Restaurant Tour of Michelin Star Restaurant | COS METIC UPDATES

Posted From: Din Tai Fung San Diego Westfield UTC Review & Restaurant Tour of Michelin Star Restaurant Post

Din Tai Fung San Diego Westfield UTC Review & Restaurant Tour of Michelin Star Restaurant

⏰ Din Tai Fung San Diego Westfield UTC Review & Restaurant Tour of Michelin Star Restaurant KEY MOMENTS ⏰
00:00:00 – Din Tai Fung San Diego
00:00:44 – Din Tai Fung Menu
00:01:17 – Order Serve
00:01:34 – Din Tai Fung
00:01:45 – Din Tai Fung Food Review
00:02:16 – End

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[Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] So they actually give you three ways to Order you can order off the main sheet You can order with the word description And they also have a picture menu where You're able to scan the QR code right Here And we came for the chocolates And sweet cream dumplings and we're Gonna go ahead and try a whole host of Different bow buns dumplings and noodles While we are here Thank you [Music] [Music] So these little markers in the side Actually tell you what the dumpling is This one is pork and crab We like the chocolate Delicious [Music] And the cream adds So you should order that if you come Here [Music] For me the favorite one was the red bean Dumpling creamy sweet and delicious Thank you


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