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Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Diego Escondido Review WOW King Suite Room & Property Tour RM 333

⏰ Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Diego Escondido Review WOW King Suite Room & Property Tour RM 333 KEY MOMENTS ⏰
00:00:00 – Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Diego Escondido Review WOW King Suite Room & Property Tour
00:00:15 – Room Amenities
00:01:57 – Other Room Amenities
00:02:55 – Kitchen
00:04:03 – Bathroom
00:06:03 – Fitness Center
00:07:06 – Swimming Pool Area
00:07:34 – Business Center

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Today this is a walkthrough of a room 333 king suite at the Escondido Holiday Inn Express and Suites This one is a huge room oh my gosh wow It's literally multiple rooms all right So here we have a a full closet with a Full iron a full ironing board it does Have the extra Linens here and it has a Safe inside of the closet we have the Bathroom here which we'll get to in a Minute it has a private bedroom with a King-size bed this is the normal King-size bed here it does have Firm and soft pillows It also has the Um two plugs and two usb chargers with a Light that has the light switch It has the ottoman that goes underneath The nightstands and it has two Additional towels there which is nice Over here it has a foam with a alarm Clock two more Chargers here we got two More plugs two more usb chargers We've got overhead lighting oh that's Nice and we also have the lighting for The bedside it also has a nice Semi-firm chair to relax in and slightly Reclining which is awesome this actually Has two AC units for this room one here And one on the other side it has the Dual shade coming down for the window Has a full Body size mirror so you can go ahead and Get ready it has a 32 inch

LCD TV here for the LG it also has three Drawer chest and a regular trash can so In the other room we have the queen size Couch pull out right here queen size Couch pull out got a nice coffee table And this is a huge room look at this This is actually usually the size of a Regular room right here We have the second AC unit we have a Desk with a desk chair that swivels We also have The overhead light right here also has Some European Chargers in the back and a USB charger on the side got some nice Art Another 32 inch TV uh with a remote and We love this this is your bag rest so That you can put your bag open it up and You also have storage underneath with Some big deep drawers and then there we Have a full kitchen this here has a sink With faucet We do have some storage underneath just In case you need it with another trash Can here in the kitchen we've got some More storage here A drawer for some storage up top it does Have the ice bucket has a couple of Drink glasses two coffee cups three Coffees two teas some sugar and packets We also have our Keurig this one here is A full-size microwave I don't know if You saw the last video but that was a Little mini microwave and we have the

Full-size fridge here the other one oh With the freezer on top the other one Was a mini mini fridge This room we also have a second lounging Chair right under the reading light this Is great for the mama who likes to read A book And it has a light switch here so you Can relax by the daylight or relax By The Light here and that's pretty nice Pretty nice we are very impressed with This room here last but not least we do Have our bathroom here and this is a Full-size bathroom it's got a recessed Sink With a nice Water spigot there it has the hand Lotion and a body wash or hand wash here For Doug we have A fan with a light and the lighted Mirror actually attaches to the fan and Then we have a secondary light here Inside of the bathroom uh we do have a Fully elongated toilet here Uh it's good for all of those big Hineies and we have a glass Pool door here inside the shower it's Got places to put all your shampoos Conditioners bar soaps it does have the Dove shampoo conditioner and body wash Mama loves those and we also have the Shower head here now this one here is Sitting about six foot so this one's Gonna be spraying me right in the face

So it's not too high but it's good for Everyone who's under six feet The water pressure in the middle spigot Is pretty good uh the one on the far Spigots a little bit less This one here is like a rain and then it Also has a pretty good here on the Center one and then more of a focused Sprinkler as well inside the bathroom we Do have a trash can another one we do Have a nice decorative tissues we've got Dual plugs here on the wall And we also have two full towels a floor Towel two hand towels and Two Face Wash Dowels In the bathroom it has a hook on the Back for your towels or shirts and it Has a full-size foldable hair dryer the Fitness center is 24 hours a day They have a hand sanitizer inside they Have a scale and a room phone they have A water dispenser with hot and cold Water cups they have a trash can they Have a towel place with motels if you Have any towel return They have free weights Exercise ball Precise bench And it also has access to the rear Outside The pads A big treadmill Bicycle it looks like they have an Elliptical too

And they have lots of plugs around the Whole room so you can charge things if You need to All right This is the pool area it has five and a Half foot pool Koozie here It has the loungers the loungers are Pretty comfortable it's got trash cans Trash cans return vents here is the Business center it has a computer with a Printer Here it also has USB plugs as well as Power plugs it has USB and power plugs And lights here with nice padded chairs And this is the breakfast area for being Able to eat your free breakfast Sitting down They have their hot water They have hot cocoa Tea Herbal tea And that's where you can go ahead and Get your free breakfast they lock it up At night


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