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A product review for Earth Chimp Chocolate Protein Powder. Join me as I dive into a detailed review of this highly nutritious plant-based protein powder. We’ll explore its taste, texture, benefits, and how it stacks up against other protein powders in the market. Earth Chimp Protein Powder is a vegan-friendly, soy-free, and gluten-free supplement with a delicious chocolate flavor. It is packed with superfoods and probiotics, making it a healthy choice for those looking to supplement their fitness journey or seeking a meal replacement. Tune in as I share my personal experience using this protein powder, including how it mixes with various liquids and the effects I’ve noticed on my overall health and fitness. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, all-natural protein powder, this Earth Chimp Protein Powder review is one you won’t want to miss. Be sure to subscribe for more product reviews and health tips.

⏰ Earth Chimp Chocolate Protein Powder Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Introduction & Product Reveal
00:06 Specifics of Chocolate Earth Chimp Organic Vegan Protein Shake Mix
00:18 Discussion on Vitamins and Nutrients
00:23 Details of Protein Blend
00:34 Introduction of Fruits & Sweeteners in the Product
00:45 Note on Packaging/Usage Instructions
00:50 Customer Service Information
00:53 Usage Directions and Milk Options
01:04 Demonstration of Mixing the Product
01:14 Taste Test & Observations
01:56 Evaluation of Texture and Sweetness
02:07 Suggestions on Liquid-to-Powder Ratio
02:13 Verdict and Daily Usage Possibility
02:17 Acknowledgement of the Gifted Product
02:22 Chocolate Flavor & Ingredients Assessment
02:32 Call-to-Action (Price & Link Info)


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Review of Earth Chimp Chocolate Protein Powder

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[Music] The green cabbie product Reviews this is a review of the Chocolate Earth chimp organic vegan Protein shake mix it has 120 calories For Two Scoops 10 carbs five fibers three sugars And 20 protein it’s got a little bit of Uh vitamins and nutrients in there now This is where the fun starts it actually Has uh protein blend it’s got peas Pumpkins sunflowers coconut Chocolate and it has a bunch of fruits We’ve got dates bananas a a boab I don’t Know what that is agave which is a Sweetener flax seeds oh my son can’t Have That monk fruit cinnamon and turmeric This is a no scoop bag so you got to Bring your own scoop to the party or Have one of the ones previously sent you Can email and they will go ahead and Send you all right now today we’re going To be using some unsweetened almond milk But you can use uh milk almond milk Water All right let’s get a little bit more in There we’re going to go ahead and get Our two scoops of our Earth Chimp protein powder Here All right so here is our Drink smells Chocy definitely has a chy flavor to

It and you can taste a background tone Of some of those other flavors that are In there slightly Sweet Yeah this isn’t too bad uh it’s uh Pretty filing it’s a little bit thick as It comes through and you can change that Depending on how much liquid you use in Your uh Drink this is something that I could see Using daily I definitely like this and Uh it was nice to be able to be gifted One of these to be able to try it out And uh yeah it’s not bad at all if you Like chocolate this one is pretty good And uh it’s got a really nice mix of Ingredients to get you started off Nicely in the Day click the link below now for the Best pricing grab your Deal and enjoy your [Music] Purchase subscribe [Music] Now


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