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MEE audio KidJamz KJ45BT Safe Listening Headphone Review – KidJamz Children’s Headphones ◀️◀️◀️ GET THE BEST PRICE ON IT NOW -affiliate-

A product review for MEE audio KidJamz KJ45BT Safe Listening Headphone (1). In this video, we delve into the features and benefits of these child-friendly headphones. With volume-limiting technology, safe listening is ensured, while the built-in microphone makes them perfect for online classes or video calls. The MEE audio KidJamz KJ45BT is not only lightweight and impact-resistant but also boasts a 36-hour battery life. These headphones are suitable for kids aged 4 and above, making them an ideal accessory for their digital needs. Stay tuned as we explore the charging time, audio port, and control features, as well as the comfortable ear padding and adjustable design. Don’t miss out on our comprehensive review of these headphones, designed to provide your child with a safe and comfortable listening experience. For more product reviews and insights, remember to like, share, and subscribe!

⏰ KidJamz Safe Listening Headphones Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Introduction to the Review
00:05 The Kid Jams Wireless Safe Listening Headphones for Kids
00:09 Volume Limiting Technology Feature
00:14 Built-In Microphone Feature
00:18 Battery Life Feature
00:22 Designed for Kids
00:25 Construction Details
00:28 Age Range
00:30 Languages Available
00:34 Charging Port and Time
00:41 Audio Port Feature
00:45 Wireless Function Feature
00:47 Battery Life Hint
00:50 Controls Feature
00:52 Volume Controls Feature
00:54 Bluetooth Connect Buttons Feature
00:59 Padding Details
01:03 Protective Felt Details
01:08 Weight of Headphones
01:09 Fully Rotatable Earmuffs Feature
01:15 Head Size Adjustments
01:19 Padding and Memory Foam Details
01:23 Comfortable Fit
01:26 Head Size Expansion Feature
01:32 Click and Lock Feature
01:36 Fit for Adults Too
01:42 Personal Opinions
01:47 Reviewed as a Gift
01:50 Use in School and Zoom Calls
01:54 KidJamz Safe Listening Headphone Recommendation


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MEE audio KidJamz KJ45BT Safe Listening Headphones

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[Music] The green cabbie product Reviews today we're going to review the Kid jams Wireless safe listening Headphones for kids it has volume Limiting technology so that you don't Get your kids uh losing their hearing it Does have a built-in microphone so that You can do Zoom calls or phone calls Says it has up to a 36-hour battery life This designed for kids it has a Lightweight and impact resistant Construction it's for kids ages four and Over it's by me audio they do come with Both English and Chinese it has the charging port here Where you can charge with the Accompanying charging cable uh they say It takes about 2 hours for it to fully Charge uh it does have an audio port Here where you're able to plug it in and Use it if you don't want to use the Wireless function that would also save Battery life if you're using a direct Connect we have our controls on this Side here we have our volume up and down And then we also have our power button And our Bluetooth connect button here Where we hold it down and connect Connect for our Bluetooth uh the padding Is soft it does have the uh protective Felt here so that you're not scratching Your uh ears when it's on uh these are Pretty lightweight uh what I do like

Here is it has a fully rotatable ear Muffs so if you need to angle it Differently for your head depending on The size of the child's head uh that is Really nice it also has full padding Here on the top uh and this actually is Memory foam which is nice so it has full Padding on the top to make sure that It's nice and soft on top of the head And it is fully expandable on both sides And it is ribbed expansion so it Actually grips inside and you can hear It clicking where you can actually lock It into a specific place which is nice And so it's fully expanded this is made For kids but it even fits on my large Nogin here I got it for my son but even If I needed to use it I could definitely Use it as well uh these are pretty Awesome I'm super glad that I was gifted These so that I could have them for a Review my son is really going to be able To need these for school and doing his Zoom calls definitely a good Buy click the link below now for the Best pricing grab your Deal and enjoy your Purchase subscribe [Music] Now


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